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Our top stain-busting tips for menstrual cups and discs. 🧼

20.04.2023 3 Minutes
Our top stain-busting tips for menstrual cups and discs. 🧼

We hear ya - staining ain’t pretty but don't despair because if it bothers you there ARE ways to get rid of it! First up though, it's important to know that it’s totally normal for your menstrual cup or menstrual disc to stain. The degree of staining does vary between individuals (so if your bestie doesn’t get staining and you do - you might feel you got a bit of a raw deal!). Staining can happen due to a combination of factors including how long you leave your menstrual cup or menstrual disc in, as well as things like the iron content in your menstrual blood. It's also important to know that staining has no effect on how your period cup or menstrual disc works. It will still last the same number of year - but it just might not look as pretty. 

If your Hello Cup™ or Hello Disc™ has discoloured, have no fear - our stain-busting tips will have it looking like new in no time.

Here are our top six tips to preventing and removing stains from your menstrual cup or menstrual disc:

  1. To prevent staining, always rinse your menstrual cup or menstrual disc with cold water after you have emptied it. Cold water stops stains setting in, warm or hot water can actually ‘set’ the stains. After you have rinsed with cold water use a mild cleanser like Hello Wash™ and warm water to clean your period cup or disc. 
  2. For light staining you may find that a bit of sunbathing is all your period cup or disc needs. Just pop it in indirect sunlight for a few hours and those stains should fade - this also helps to air the cup out and get rid of odours. 
  3. To spot clean specific areas of staining, put a small amount of Isopropyl alcohol rub on a soft cloth or flannel and gently rub the stains.
  4. For tough or widespread stains, household bleach and water is a bit of a game changer. We recommend a ratio of 1 part bleach to 3 parts water. Soak for 15 minutes (don’t leave for hours or you can damage your cup). Repeat up to 3 times if needed. Rinse well and wash with a mild cleanser like Hello Wash™.  If you prefer to use Hydrogen Peroxide, you can soak your cup or disc for 2-3 hours in a 3% solution.  Rinse thoroughly and wash with  Hello Wash™.  It is best to avoid  frequent soaking as this may contribute to degrading the product over time, especially if left longer than recommended in the solution!
  5. If you are wanting to unclog and remove staining from around the suction holes of your menstrual cup simply fill it with water and a dollop of cleanser. Place your hand over the top of the cup, turn it upside down and squeeze. The water and cleanser will flush out the holes. If the suction holes need a little more attention you can try gently rubbing the area with some baking soda mixed with water.  
  6. Empty and rinse your cup or disc more frequently. Stains will set in the longer your cup or menstrual disc is inside so if they bother you, emptying and rinsing in cold water every three hours or so rather than once a day will help stop stains from setting in. 

Remember - staining is normal and does not mean your menstrual cup or menstrual disc is dirty. If it doesn't bother you, then as long as you follow the cleaning and sterilising tips provided, your cup or disc is totally fine to use.

Lighter coloured menstrual cups and menstrual discs will obviously show stains more. If you’re looking for an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ situation, black menstrual cups are a perfect solution. Hello Period offer a black menstrual cup range and if you’ve read this far and are hoping to see us introduce a black menstrual disc…watch this space!