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Cups & Discs

Dive into our fun "Cups & Discs" collection! With menstrual cups and menstrual discs, we've got your period covered in a comfy, eco-friendly way. Say goodbye to single use products—hello, freedom and fun! Enjoy every moment with our top-notch period products. Join the period revolution today!

Hello Period | Menstrual Disc

High capacity menstrual disc. Comfortable & IUD friendly.


Hello Period | Menstrual Cup

Leak-free, comfortable menstrual cups


Hello Cup | Menstrual Cup | Black

Stain-free menstrual cup


Hello Cup Low Cervix | Menstrual Cup

Low cervix period cups, leak-free and comfortable


Hello Cup Low Cervix | Menstrual Cup | Black

Black menstrual cup for a low cervix


Hello Cup High Cervix | Menstrual Cup

High cervix period cups, comfortable and leak-free.


Limited Edition Hello Peach Cup | Menstrual Cup

Limited Edition peach colour menstrual cup