Disc or Cup

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Hello Disc™
Hello Cup™
Wearability8-12 hours8-12 hours
PlacementBehind pubic boneUnder cervix
Capacity5 tampons or pads3-4 regular tampons or pads
InsertingFold it in half first and insert with the tab at the bottom.Choose from 'four ways to wear'Shallow punchdown fold
RemovalSingle-finger removal with double-loop tabPinch and release
LifetimeAround 5 yearsAround 5 years
SizingOne size fits mostS, M, L
Cervix HeightGreat for all cervix heights (Just adjust the tab as you need to)Specialist cups for low, average and high cervix heights
Beginner / TeenA little more to learn. As the Hello Disc sits higher in your body, you'll need to insert your fingers a little higher to position itLess to learn. As Hello Cups sit lower, there's not so much 'body knowledge' needed!
MaterialHypoallergenic, medical-grade siliconeHypoallergenic, medical-grade TPE
Wearing an IUDHas no suction / IUD friendlyCan be used but requires suction to be fully released before removal
Period SexYes! The Hello Disc sits higher up behind the pubic bone and is a great option for no-mess period sex.(The Hello Disc does NOT substitute for contraception)No - cups sit low in the vaginal canal and would get in the way!
Swimming / exercisingYesYes

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