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How to measure your cervix

It’s important to know the position of your cervix to help find the right menstrual cup for you.
Because your cervix can move during your cycle, for the most accurate results, we recommend following the below steps on day 1 - 3 of your period.

Pro tip: measure your cervix when in the shower!
Step one

Grab a ruler. Wash your hands.

Step two

Insert a finger into your vagina and feel for your cervix (sometimes a gentle sweeping action will help find it). Your cervix will feel a bit like the tip of your nose - kinda soft and spongy.

Step three

Take note of how far your finger is in and then remove it. Measure the length against a ruler.

Step four

Check your measurement with our guide below to determine your cervix height.


select your measurement from the options below to see the results

Cervix Heights

Knowing your cervix height can help you choose what is the best internal period product for you.

  • 55mm or higher - High Cervix

    Can’t reach your cervix or find it hard to reach? You’ll likely have a high cervix. People with a high cervix may have found that the toggle is harder to reach and that they need to use their pelvic floor muscles to help move the cup down when it comes time for removal. We have a specialist high cervix cup which will be easier to reach and remove!

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  • 44 mm or lower - Low Cervix

    If your cervix is easily reachable & near your vaginal opening, you’ll likely have a low cervix. People with a low cervix usually tend to find a regular cup too long and a tad uncomfortable. If you have a low cervix - you might want to opt for our specially designed Low Cervix Hello Cup as the toggle may protrude with an average cervix height Hello Cup.

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  • 45 mm – 55 mm - Average Cervix

    There’s nothing wrong with being average! You’ll be a great candidate for our standard Hello Cup range. For sizing info try our size quiz.

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