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Period Accessories

Meet our fab lineup of Period Care Accessories! We've got everything you need to care for your period products and yourself. Our products are gentle on both you and your period essentials, ensuring they stay fresh and ready for use. Explore the full range of period products and find the perfect additions to your period care routine.

Hello Wash

The perfect cleaning pal for your Hello Period products.


Hello Lube

Lubrication to help you get your glide on.


Hello Go Barrier Spray

Germ protection spray for when you are on the go!


Organic Cotton Storage Bag

Organic cotton storage bag for your Hello Disc or Hello Cup.


Spot Drying Rack

Dry your menstrual disc and period cups in style.


Period Repair Manual

Learn about your menstrual cycle.


Hormone Repair Manual

An essential guide to your hormones and managing perimenopause.


Best Period Care Accessories from Hello Period

What to make your period life even easier? Check out our period accessories!

What are period accessories?

Our period accessory range will not only help you care for your products but also help to ensure you have everything you need to make period life as simple and stress-free as possible. Here’s a list of our fav menstrual accessories:

  • Hello Wash: Actively keep your menstrual cups and discs clean and ready to go when you are.
  • Hello Lube: A gentle, water-based lubricant for making the insertion of menstrual cups and discs smoother and more comfortable.
  • Hello Go Barrier Spray: A barrier spray that protects your hands and menstrual products from germs.
  • Organic Cotton Storage Bag: A sustainable way to store your menstrual products, keeping them clean and discreet.
  • Spot Drying Rack: A period accessory for drying menstrual cups or discs in style, a spot drying rack keeps them completely dry and ready for their next use.

What are menstrual cup sterilisers, and how do I use them?

Menstrual cup sterilisers help to clean and maintain the hygiene of your menstrual cups and discs. They keep your menstrual products free from bacteria and ready for use.Hello Wash stands out for its effectiveness in washing period underwear, washable pads, and liners, and it can even be used for handwashing.Although Hello Wash is excellent for day-to-day cleaning, you should still thoroughly sterilise your menstrual cup or disc at the end of each cycle. For maximum hygiene, boil them for three minutes or soak them for 15 minutes with a sterilisation tablet.

What is Hello Lube made from?

Hello Lube glides right into the lineup of must-have period accessories, and it's made with  of love and care over in New Zealand.Hello Lube is a water-based lube that is totally free from glycerine and silicones. It's a blend of water, aloe vera, kiwi fruit extract, and grapefruit seed extract, among other natural ingredients. What's more, it's vegan.

What can Hello Lube be used for?

Hello Lube as a menstrual accessory makes things smoother, especially when using menstrual products like cups and discs. It offers that extra bit of comfort, whether it’s for managing your period, getting intimate, or enjoying a massage. It's completely safe to use with condoms. Created with the soothing qualities of aloe, kiwifruit, and grapefruit extracts, Hello Lube is skin-safe and glycerine-free.

Is Hello Lube safe to use?

Absolutely! Since Hello Lube is water-based and free from glycerine and silicones, it's safe for all your period care needs. Its blend of gentle aloe, kiwifruit, and grapefruit extracts is gentle on your body and accessories. Plus, its pH of 4.53 means it's well-balanced for use.

How much Hello Lube do I need to use?

When you're using it with the Hello Disc or Hello Cup, a tiny bit, roughly the size of a pea, on the rim is what you need to make insertion smooth sailing.

What is Hello Go hand and cup barrier spray?

Hello Go is a hand and cup barrier spray that keeps hands and menstrual accessories, such as cups and discs, free from bacteria for 24 hours straight.

Spray it onto a Hello Cup or Hello Disc when they're dry, and let it set. It creates an invisible army of nano-sized "pins" on the surface, ready to defend against bacteria, much like how a pin bursts a balloon. The defense mechanism does not allow bacteria to enter the second round.

With no harsh chemicals and heavy alcohol found in traditional sanitisers, Hello Go opts for a gentle, alcohol-free approach. It's kind to your skin and safe for any surface it touches, including food areas.

With its formula that doesn't dry out your hands and a balanced pH of 6.9, it's neutral and safe for use with all your period accessories.Once it dries on your cup or disc, it forms a protective layer that sticks to the surface without seeping into your body.