Hello Kindness

At Hello Period, we aim to put kindness at the centre of everything we do.

At the core of Hello Kindness is our giving programme. It allows Hello Period to support people and organisations who are doing work to improve the lives of others around the globe. To be able to make a meaningful impact we have to limit the number of initiatives we support each year.  There are 3 guiding principles of Hello Kindness which we focus on to evaluate requests. Please have a read of these below and then click on the link to fill the form if you’d like to apply.  We allocate our giving on a quarterly basis, March, June, September and December.



At Hello. we strongly believe in the need for education in order to empower knowledge of the menstrual cycle and the choices which can be made for your body.  We offer a range of reusable period products to cater to all bodies and personal preferences.  We favour working with organisations who can provide suitable education regarding how to choose size and fit, and successfully using Hello. products.



At Hello. we are obsessed with the environmental impact of our reusable products!  We aim to dramatically reduce waste related to period products and we are excited to work with companies/organisations who share our passion to achieve this.  We’ll want you to share examples of your sustainability plans in action in order for us to work together!


Social Impact

Hello. is excited to partner and support projects which are small and local or maybe larger!  We just want to know what the aim is and how your efforts in partnership with Hello. will create genuine and lasting change in the affected community or identified group.

Get in Touch

If your organisation would like to be considered for our Hello Kindness program, please send us a request here.

Please note that currently, Hello Kindness focuses on giving Hello Cups and Hello Discs only.

Give the gift of sustainable periods

Join our team and help us make periods better for people and the planet.

For every $50 donated, we will donate a Hello Cup or a pair of Hello Undies on your behalf to one of the amazing charities that we work with. With your help, we can share the love and make sustainable period care more accessible.

Whether you are an individual who wants to share the gift of bloody brilliant period care or a business looking to give back in a meaningful way, you can choose to donate whatever quantity of items suits you best.