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Give Period Care

By supporting our Hello Kindness programme, you'll be helping us to help others in need of period care.

Period poverty is a huge issue. The cost of well-made period care is prohibitive to many. Our Hello Kindness programme supports people and organisations working at the coalface where period care is needed most. We are committed to donating the equivalent of 2% of revenue annually through our Hello Kindness programme.

Your support helps us to get our reusable high quality menstrual products to those who need them. Because our products last for years, not hours they have a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.


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Who do we donate to?

Twice a year we make donations to organisations who are working to help others.

Three guiding principles of education, sustainability and social impact help us to evaluate and prioritise where our donations will have the greatest impact.

We have donated to numerous organisations including: Pare Kore, Nourished for Waipatu Marae, Deaf Children NZ, Massey University, pop up Endometriosis NZ, Hugable Hearts NZ, Life Education, Period Place, Hukarere Maori Girls Boarding School, Cyclone Gabriel recovery store, Rei Kotuku, Drip Desserts (donation shelf for their community).

Our Hello Kindness initiative currently focuses on organisations based in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia.

Help us help other and donate to Hello Kindness today. Donate today.

Organisations we’ve supported

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Get in touch

If your organisation would like to be considered for our Hello Kindness programme, we'd love to hear from you.