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Sustainability and Impact

By making the switch to reusable period care, you are making a massively positive impact. Did you know the average period with a period using single-use products will go through around 18,000 in their period lifetime? That's a lot of landfill waste. If that same person used a period cup, they'd need 8 in their period lifetime.

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At Hello Period we're all about doing things better - for you and the planet. Our products dramatically reduce waste compared to single-use period products.

We're proudly B Corp certified and Climate Positive and while we will never be perfect, we're massive fans of Mother Nature and want to support her the thrive so we'll always strive to put best-practice at the forefront of all we do.

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Social Impact

Our Hello Kindness programme allows us (and you!) to get high quality period care to those in need. Period care shouldn't be a privilege, but for many it is. Our giving programme allows us support organisations who are at the coalface and can get our products to those we need them.

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Recycling Programme

We have a recycling programme for our Hello Cups. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, you can send your cups back to us and we will send you a 50% OFF code for your next Hello Cup purchase.

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Our packaging is fully recyclable. The clear window on our boxes can be removed and put in your home compost.

The tubes of our Hello Wash and Hello Lube are a bioplastic made from sugarcane. Sugarcane absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere . The carbon footprint is 30% better than traditional PE tubes.

Hello Academy

Everything you need to know about Hello Period's award-winning range of period care amazingness.

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    Life is too short to hand wash. Easy care for the win!

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