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Australia Australia

Coming back for more!

I bought the sea fog coloured disc in the middle of 2023 and just love it. I have a rather heavy flow for the first few days of my period, and this little disc has met and exceeded expectations. No leaks at all! Comfortable and becomes rather easy to insert and remove after a cycle or two. Recommend wearing the loop flipped, and even tucking the little tail up past your pelvic bone on low cervix days for no feel. At the risk of TMI, my husband and I tried it out, he did say he could feel something but that didn't disrupt the end game!!! The sea fog coloured disc does discolour a little, hence I am back for the black! So much better for your body and our environment. Go the kiwis!

Nerine SVG verified by SHOP
Australia Australia

Staff online were incredibly helpful, polite and friendly. This is a game changing product. Absolutely brilliant.

Rachael SVG verified by SHOP
Australia Australia

This is the second disc I have ordered, the other one I have is a bit difficult to remove so I got this one because of the pull tab. This one leaks. I didn’t have this issue with my other branded disc. I also find that the pull tab doesn’t sit up with the disc but drops down and is very uncomfortable.

New Zealand New Zealand

best purchase ever

Love this product so much! I was a bit skeptical as I never really loved menstrual cups and thought this would be a similar experience - couldn't be more wrong! With menstrual cups I always leaked even just a tiny bit no matter how carefully I made sure the rim had popped open fully and there was a nice seal. The stem always irritated my ***** but also somehow the cup always migrated upwards during the day and I'd have such a hard time getting a good enough hold to break the seal to remove it. The cup interfered with peeing (weak stream and didn't feel like my bladder emptied properly), and it would move down during a bowel motion and need to be reinserted. I persevered cos it was still better than tampons and pads. This disc is the best purchase I've ever made. I wear it tucked and can't feel a thing. Zero leaks at all from the first time I tried it. Easy to insert and remove - I literally just shoved it in and tucked it up at the front and it was good to go, no fancy folds required or fiddling around trying to feel for the rim like with a cup. Bit of a learning curve with removal but had nailed mess free removals by day 2 of my cycle. This would be impossible without the tab!! No issues with peeing and it autodumps when I pass a bowel motion and then pops right back into place!! I am actually looking forward to my next period because I will get to use my disc again!! Total game changer. Thank you so much for designing such an amazing product.


Hello Period

Sounds like Hello Disc is ticking all the boxes for you! We're so pleased to hear it. Love from team Hello Period xx

New Zealand New Zealand

Wish this had been invented sooner

The disc is amazing. I’m in awe of how it fits into place so easily, isn’t at all noticeable (I almost forget I have my period), can be worn for 12 hours and doesn’t leak!! The cup was good, but this is so much better. I used to always have to get up once or twice on my heaviest days to empty it and if it wasn’t in place properly it would sometimes leak. Now I can finally get through the whole night, stress-free! The ‘auto-dump’ aspect means you can keep it in all day without it getting full! I would say the only challenge is when you have to empty/reinsert without a sink beside you, it’s a little messy…but the overall benefits far outweigh this part, especially given that there is nothing to dispose of like a ******. Would recommend to anyone!


Hello Period

Sounds brilliant! Love from team Hello Period xx