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Danielle B.
United States United States


I have tried 4+ menstrual cup brands over the past year and I am SO glad I found Hello Period. After trying out the Saalt cup and Flex Cup, I found it so difficult to "find" my cup at time of removal, and they always leaked. I also had a hard time with them opening once inserted, and found them to "fold in" on themselves often. After talking with friends who had been using menstrual cups for a few years, it was suggested I may have a higher ******, which 30 year old me had never considered. This high-****** cup is AMAZING. Went from frequent leaks to almost none, it's by FAR the most comfortable, and easiest to insert and remove for higher cervixes.Thank you for prioritizing this model!


The Hello Cup

We're so glad to hear it! Love from team Hello Period xx

New Zealand New Zealand

Didn’t fit

Unfortunately I have brought 2 different cups and they both didn’t fit, don’t think cups are for me, really wanted them to be coz I exercise a lot, the first one was too big and hurt and wouldn’t pop and the second one, high ****** small just wouldn’t pop, I tried for so long but wouldn’t pop open and would keep ******* in another way when I tried to twist or push in a little at the bottom to help it pop


The Hello Cup

There may be an issue with your pelvic floor being really strong due to the fact that you are really fit. Hello Disc might be better for you as it sits up higher out of the way, so those muscles shouldn't be able to flatten your disc! Love from team Hello Period xx

Blanche P.
New Zealand New Zealand

5 Star

This cup has been amazing, so Comfy and easy to insert!!!


The Hello Cup

High Cervix cup for the win! Love team Hello Period xx

- K.
New Zealand New Zealand

High ******/long ******

I was mortified as a 20 something when my doctor told me he needed the long "I call it duck bill" when doing my pap smear as I had a long ****** and elusive ******, and normal cups are often hard for me to find to pull out and then quite messy to empty.. I didn't want to go back to single use products, so when I saw that there was a cup that could suit my body I decided to try it.. this cup is not only easier to find, but because it's walls are a bit thicker and stronger than cheaper versions its much cleaner when removing and emptying.. it's worth the extra buck to buy this!


The Hello Cup

We're so sorry 20 year old you had to find out like that! Super pleased that you are thrilled with your High Cervix cup! Love from team Hello Period xx

New Zealand New Zealand

I’m still not sure..

I’ve used a period cup before but since having a baby things seem to have changed so I got this one after reading all the great reviews, I really want to love it but it it very difficult to insert and get in the right position, I’m trying to persevere with it!


The Hello Cup

We'd love to help you hopefully find success with your cups! Email our team at and we'll try to get you sorted! Love from team Hello Period xx