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New Zealand New Zealand


I used this for the first time and found the suction incredibly difficult to break and get it back out. It was also giving me an nagging ache and I was leaking. Very disappointed as I was hoping this would remove the use of tampons and be a simpler way!


Hello Period

So sorry to hear that you had trouble with your Hello Cup. We think that you might have a low cervix and that the cup was suctioned around the cervix causing the pain. A low cervix cup might be a better option for you, but we'd love to chat further if you want some help, Love from team Hello Period x

New Zealand New Zealand

Leak city

Have tried both the s/m and L cups and both wind up leaking. Have used for around 10 periods and watched every tutorial under the sun so I feel like it must be anatomical. I have a high cervix (+strong pelvic floor) and at the time of purchase this cup was not available, however I'm scared to spend more money and have it not work either.


Hello Period

We'd love to chat with you to try and come up with a solution - feel free to email us at and we'll see what we can do to help you! Love from team Hello Period xx

Michaela H.
New Zealand New Zealand


I absolutley loved this product. Easy to use, Really comfortable to wear and super easy to use one you give it a go!! Definitely won't be going back to tampons!


Hello Period

This sounds great and we're so glad to hear how easy you have found it! Love from team Hello Period xx

New Zealand New Zealand

So excited but disappointed by difficulty of use

Was really excited to try this cup as it looked such high quality and my previous cups were more budget brands. I unfortunately found the toggle design much harder to use despite the bulb type ending as there was little grip if wet and would’ve loved to see some ridges to make it easier. The cup itself is super sturdy which for some is a good thing but unfortunately made it really hard to get in and pop into place for me and often felt quite uncomfortable to have in :(


Hello Period

Thanks for sharing your experience - we think we could help you solve some of these issues! Please send us an email at It sounds like your cup possibly wasn't opening fully which meant that the toggle was wet due to leaks. The base of the cup does have some ridges on it, but obviously works better if the cup is dry. Let us know if we can help! love from team Hello Period xx

Canada Canada

If your period cup ever pokes you, this is the right cup for you

I never write reviews, but I had to write this for all the low cervix havers out there. I’ve been wearing period cups for years, started with a diva cup like many people, but the stem would always poke me. I thought I was wearing it incorrectly or that maybe it wasn’t for me…until I discovered hello cup. I can’t believe low cervixes are not discussed more often. Thank you hello cup team for making it possible for me to wear a menstrual cup. I also have low finger dexterity due to an old hand injury and I’m able to over and remove with few issues. Only negative is that I sometimes forget I’m on my period or wearing a cup at all! One of the purchases that’s improved my quality of life the most, witch is a pretty tall order!


Hello Period

This sounds so great for you! Nobody likes to get poked by a menstrual cup stem! Love from team Hello Period xx