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Chantelle Otten on Period Sex

12.12.2023 2 Minutes
Chantelle Otten on Period Sex

One of the things people love about our Hello period disc is it can be worn during *fun* times for mess free period sex. It sits just below the cervix and, thanks to its thin base, neither you or your partner will even know it’s there.

Period sex is getting more airtime these days so we thought we’d ask our friend Chantelle Otten thoughts on why it’s worth embracing. 

“Sexuality intertwines with our body's natural cycles, like menstruation, yet it's often unfairly treated as something taboo. It's time we change that story. Menstruation isn't a roadblock to enjoying sex; it's just another path to pleasure and connection. Period sex might get a bad rap, but when you really talk it out and approach it with respect and mutual consent, you discover it's not just doable – it can be pretty great, actually. Let's get real about it and see how shedding those old myths can open up a whole new world of intimacy.

There are so many benefits to period sex. The release of endorphins during an orgasm can serve as a natural form of pain relief, easing menstrual cramps, and the uterine contractions during orgasm may even help shorten the period. Additionally, hormonal changes during menstruation may naturally enhance libido for some, leading to an increased interest in sexual activity. Moreover, the menstrual flow acts as a natural lubricant, potentially making sexual activity more enjoyable and comfortable.

Mess-free period sex represents closeness without the concern of stains or clean-up (not that there's anything wrong with mess!). Menstrual discs and period cups offer a solution for discrete flow management, facilitating uninterrupted intimacy. The comfort and design of today's menstrual products provide practicality while empowering individuals with knowledge about their menstrual health, promoting a greater understanding of their bodies.

Engaging in period sex is a powerful affirmation of self-acceptance and body positivity. It challenges the stigma and embraces the full spectrum of human experience. Enjoying sex without hesitation during a menstrual period can offer a significant sense of liberation.

The choice to have sex during menstruation is deeply personal, influenced by individual comfort and preferences. Those who opt to embrace this aspect of their sexuality often find it a deeply affirmative experience. It presents an opportunity to deepen connections and revel in the totality of sexual experiences without interruption.

Period sex is more than a physical act; it's a celebration of intimacy and acceptance, a recognition of our bodies' natural functions, and a joyful part of our sexuality. So, let's open up the dialogue, dismantle the myths, and perhaps we'll uncover a new element of pleasure and connection, even during menstruation. Every moment can be one of joy and connection in the journey of sex and intimacy.”

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