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Hello x Smile Makers: Sex Mess, Why Do We Care?

23.10.2022 2 Minutes
Hello x Smile Makers: Sex Mess, Why Do We Care?

In short, we shouldn’t. Having sex when you have your period is not only okay - it’s fun and studies have even shown that menstrual cramps can be reduced when you orgasm. 

There are lots of things in life that create a bit of mess but that doesn't mean they should be avoided - having fun times when you are menstruating is no exception. 

The concept of period sex is yet another thing that has been given a bad rap by some - maybe ‘cause they know they are missing out!

Sex when you are menstruating can be a seriously good time. If you aren’t keen on washing your sheets every time you have period sex, then try putting a towel down or wearing a Hello Disc - which won’t decrease any pleasure - but will keep your menstrual blood at bay. 

Five Reasons Why We Say People Should Embrace Period Sex

1. See Ya Cramps 

Period pain results from your uterus contracting. The good news is that a cheeky orgasm will also cause them to contract which means post-orgasm - when they release - you should experience relief from those pesky menstrual cramps.

2. Free lube

No need for any extra lube! Aunt Flo has got you covered this time around thanks to the natural lubrication of your menstrual blood. If you are seeking Lube however, our Hello Lube has you covered. It’s water-based, vegan, and perfect for sex and play.

3. Good Times

Having sex on your period is completely normal but for too long it’s been seen as a taboo. If you’re in the mood and on your period - we say go for it. Remember - just because you are on your period doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant. Have fun!

4. No Mess is Possible 

We understand that blood on your sheets means more laundry - so if that’s holding you back then try a Menstrual Disc. Unlike menstrual cups which sit lower in the vagina and need to be removed before intercourse, menstrual discs sit high, just below the cervix. A well-designed menstrual disc with a thin membrane will mean you and your partner won’t even know it’s there. Pro tip: Empty your menstrual disc before you have intercourse.

5. Horny Hormones

Many people find they are actually at their horniest when menstruating due to a small surge in testosterone (the hormone most talked about when it comes to men). If you're feeling horny there’s no reason for you to avoid intercourse or sex play. 

In short, period sex can be awesome. There is nothing wrong with having intercourse or being intimate while you are menstruating so - if you’re in the mood we vote you go with the flow and get down!