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Menstrual Disc Leaking and Other Common Issues and Fixes

22.03.2022 4 Minutes
Menstrual Disc Leaking and Other Common Issues and Fixes

If you're new to menstrual disc life, you might find getting the hang of using it is a bit of a learning curve. So give yourself time and be patient. We're pretty confident that you won't look back once you've nailed inserting and removing your menstrual disc. 

Here are our top tips for common menstrual disc questions:

1. Menstrual disc leaking 

If your menstrual disc is leaking heavily, it may not be inserted correctly. Your disc needs to be tucked below and behind your cervix to collect your menstrual blood.

If it has managed to sneak in front of your cervix it won't be catching anything. Of course, without supersonic vision, it's impossible to see if you've got the position of your disc correct or not so if it's leak we recommend you remove your disc and follow these steps:

  • Fold your disc in half and insert angling it back toward your tailbone. Don't push it 'straight up' as this can cause the disc to end up in front of your cervix as mentioned above. 
  • Push the front of your disc up high until it tucks behind your pubic bone. This is quite high up, so don't be afraid to push higher than you might expect to. 
  • If you have a tilted cervix (ask your OBGYN or smear nurse where your cervix sits) if might take a bit more practice to work out how to get your menstrual disc to sit in a position that works. If menstrual cup leaking continues to be an issue and you know you have a tilted cervix, you might want to try a menstrual cup to see if have works better for you. 

2. Menstrual disc isn't staying put / is untucking

If your menstrual disc is coming untucked, it might actually be a case of it not having been tucked properly in the first place. Because discs sit higher than menstrual cups, many first time users don't push the front of their disc high enough. It's normal to feel nervous and a bit apprehensive about using a disc, but sometimes that means we're a bit shy when it comes to pushing it high enough. If your disc is slipping and feels like it could fall out, try reinserting it and pushing the front up higher. You're aiming to tuck it behind your pubic bone - the area at the top of your vagina that feels like a notch. While everyone is different, there's a small number of people who might not have a pubic bone that is pronounced enough for a menstrual disc to tuck behind. If that's the case, we'd recommend using a menstrual cup instead as they are held in place with suction.  

3. Menstrual disc empties itself

Okay, so this is actually seen as a bonus by most people. Discs can auto empty, and while that prospect sounds horrifying, 99% of the time this happens only when you go to the loo. This is because your muscles release slightly and allow the disc to empty while urinating. As your muscles contract, your disc will move back into place. Pretty amazing, huh? However, because the same rule can apply for orgasms - we recommend you empty your menstrual disc before sex. 

4. Struggling to remove menstrual disc 

Most menstrual discs on the market are basically as they sound - a round disc. While they work fine if your cervix is high or you have reach issues, discs without a removal aide can be a challenge to remove. The Hello Disc™ is the first disc on the market to have a double looped tab to help make removal easier. The loop can be worn in several ways to allow for cervix height differences as well as individual preferences. If you don't have a Hello Disc and struggle to remove your menstrual disc, you can try gently bearing down. This will help dislodge your disc from behind the pubic bone. If removal continues to be a problem, we suggest getting a disc with a removal tab.

    5. I'm finding removal messy

    Because menstrual discs are wider and hold more blood than other period products, removing them without mess can take practice. There's definitely an art to it! With menstrual cups you squeeze the base and pull them out upright thus keeping your blood inside. When you remove your disc, it goes from sitting happily in a disc shape to squashing through your vagina, making spillage more common. However, if you are using a Hello Disc™ it's possible to have no mess removal thanks to the double looped removal tabs. Just hook your finger through one of the tabs (the one closest the rim of the disc will give the best control). As you remove you want to be pulling the tab upwards and back toward your body so the disc empties away from your hand - this is the secret to no mess removal!  

    Check out our Hello Disc™ ways to wear video here.