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Five Reasons Why Sustainable Period Products Are So Hot Right Now

27.05.2023 2 Minutes
Five Reasons Why Sustainable Period Products Are So Hot Right Now


From menstrual discs to period underwear - there are good reasons why so many people are switching to sustainable period care options - they are not only cheaper and better for you - they’re kinder to the environment.

The popularity of menstrual cups, menstrual discs and reusable pads and period underwear is getting stronger and stronger. 

People who make the switch say they find them more comfortable, more convenient and easy to use. 

Quality reusable period products will last for years and will save you far more money than having to buy tampons and pads every month.

If you ask us they are 'bloody brilliant' so here are our top five reasons why you should make the switch to reusable period care too.

  1. You’ll save money. Menstrual discs and menstrual cups in particular will pay for themselves after about 4 months. Because they last for years, you’ll soon find you are saving money each month!
  2. They're more comfortable. High-quality period underwear and reusable pads will wick away moisture faster than single-use pads; and menstrual cups and menstrual discs are soft and, if in correctly, you shouldn’t feel them at all. 
  3. They don’t dry you out. Tampons not only absorb your menstrual flow but also everything else as well so can dry out your vagina and leave you feeling very uncomfortable - especially at the end of your cycle. Menstrual cups and menstrual discs only collect your blood leaving your natural lubrication in place meaning you can use them comfortably even when your flow is super light. 
  4. More Convenient. Quality reusable products will hold a lot more than single-use products. The Hello Disc for example, holds 50 ml - which is the equivalent of over five regular tampons or pads! This means you can go for longer without changing. 
  5. Mother Nature Approved. Sustainable period products will last years and have a hugely reduced environmental impact. If you buy single-use products every month - it’s not just the products themselves creating waste (and did you know it takes 500 years for tampons to break down in landfill?) but also the wrappers and packaging they come in. It’s a lot. 

If you have been on the fence about making the change to reusable period products, we hope this has helped to convince you to give them a try! If you have any other questions, the team at Hello Period are always happy to chat. You can email us at