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Everything you need to know about Hello Undies

08.09.2022 4 Minutes
Everything you need to know about Hello Undies

Have you seen our fabulous game-changing Hello Undies?  

These cuties could change the way you handle your period. Stylish and practical, our Hello Undies are here to change the game! 

Why are Hello Undies a bloody brilliant choice for your needs?

Hello Undies are super thirsty, with each pair of undies holding the same amount as 5 tampons - that's 25mls. And they aren't just for periods - they are perfect for bladder leakage and postpartum as well.

Unlike most brands of period underwear, Hello Undies can safely be tumble dried on a low heat, which allows for quick turnaround between wear. We don’t use polyurethane plastic, which means there is no layer of plastic to be heat damaged, and no crackly sounds when you walk.

They are reusable, absorbent and leakproof. Hello Undies are a convenient, reliable and environmentally friendly options for managing periods, light bladder leakage or postpartum care.

Depending on your level of flow, they Hello Undies can be worn alone or as a backup to your Hello Cup or Disc. 


Wait! I only need one pair for all types of flow? 


Our undies are able to absorb 25mls, and are super thin and comfortable, meaning they are perfect for any day of your cycle - from light days to heavy.

How do I get the right size of Hello Undies?

To work effectively, it’s important that period underwear fits snugly. We recommend measuring yourself before ordering. Our sizing categories are based on international standards and can be used as a general guide, but actual measurements are more likely to result in the perfect fit.  Hello Undies are made from a stretch fabric which gives size flexibility for many.

Measure around the widest part of your hips and buttocks, keeping tape parallel with the floor, then consult our size chart on the product page.

How many pairs of period underwear do I need?

We suggest buying one first to check how they work for you, then building up to at least six pairs, which should see you through an average menstrual cycle with one load of washing in the middle.

If you have a heavy flow you might need to change them more often, so you’ll need more.

Are they eco-friendly?

Yes, our period underwear is an environmentally sustainable solution for period management. Because they’re reusable and washable, switching to them will prevent plastic-lined single-use pads, tampons and liners from piling up in landfill where they can take up to 500 years to biodegrade. Each pair of Hello Undies will hold the equivalent of five tampons or regular single-use pads.

They will also save you a lot of money over time. You should get years of amazingness from them - saving you heaps of moolah and giving you some serious kudos with Mother Nature by diverting hundreds of single use period products from the world’s landfills with each pair.


How long can I wear Hello Undies/when should I change them?

Your own comfort is the best guide. Many customers tell us they can comfortably wear the same Hello Undies for 24 hours on lighter days, for reassurance against light bladder leakage or when worn used as backup to a menstrual cup or menstrual disc.

On heavier days you may wish to change them twice a day if using them as your main period care product. You may initially feel some dampness but as the absorbent material wicks the moisture away this will disappear. If your undies do feel continuously damp or heavy, it may be a sign you need to change them.  Hello Undies are perfect for sleep, as long as they are comfortable and snug, they are perfect alone or as a cup or disc back up.


Do Hello Undies work for heavy periods or postpartum bleeding?

Hello Undies work great for heavy periods and postpartum bleeding. If your period is really heavy, you may need to change them during the day. For postpartum, check with your lead maternity carer after birth to see when is a good time to start using them. The first few days may include clots and lochia, so it may be best to wait until this passes.


Can I Wear Hello Undies For Bladder Leakage? 

Yes, the patented absorbent technology we use was originally designed for incontinence - which is much more of a technical challenge than period blood because it is less viscous and tends to be released in larger volume. Hello.™ Undies are also great to use during pregnancy and after pregnancy when you might experience leaks when you cough, sneeze, laugh or lift something heavy. They are not designed for full bladder voids or faecal incontinence. 


What is the best way to look after Hello Undies?

Turn your Hello Undies inside out so that the water can rinse the gusset area.  Wash them before you wear them the first time so that they are clean and the material is activated to best absorb liquid.  After you have worn them, a rinse in cold water before washing is recommended.

You can machine or hand wash them with your ordinary laundry.  A delicate cycle below 40°C/105°F is best. Use ordinary washing powder or liquid. Don’t dry clean them or use bleach antibacterial spray or fabric softener (fabric softener reduces the absorbency).

After washing your Hello Undies, you can either hang them to dry or pop them in the drier inside out on a low heat. Our Undies contain no plastic layer to shrink or warp in the drier! 


Shop our Hello Undies now, or find out more in our FAQ’s.