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Meet The Hello Disc - The World’s Favourite Menstrual Disc + The Top 10 Things Reviewers Love The Most

28.05.2023 3 Minutes
Meet The Hello Disc - The World’s Favourite Menstrual Disc + The Top 10 Things Reviewers Love The Most

It’s already made periods easier to manage for thousands of people. The Hello Disc stands out from other menstrual discs on the market thanks to its innovative design. It’s comfortable and easy to remove thanks to its double-looped removal tab. 

For those unfamiliar with the difference between a menstrual cup and menstrual disc - a menstrual disc sits higher in the vaginal canal than a cup - basically right at the end, directly under the cervix. This area, known as the vaginal fornix is wider which is why discs are shaped like they are. Menstrual cups sit in the tubular part of the vagina and are held in place by suction. 

Because menstrual discs sit higher, many people find ‘traditional’ menstrual discs challenging to remove because they don’t have anything to grab hold of when it comes time to remove them. The Hello Disc solves this problem.

Thanks to the double-looped tab of the Hello Disc, it can be worn several ways and is perfect for all cervix heights. People with a high cervix can leave the tab dropped (like a tampon string) while those with a low cervix can cut one, or both, loops off entirely.

Why We Created The Hello Disc

Better for you: We want to make disposable period products the exception, not the rule, because a more comfortable option exists. Tampons are rigid and dry, while pads can be bunchy and irritate sensitive skin. The Hello Disc is made from medical-grade silicone, is comfortable, holds more and is reusable for years. It's a great no-waste period care solution.

Forget about it: You can literally forget you have your period. Your Hello Disc will hold more than tampons, pads and cups plus you won’t feel it's even there. You can leave it in for hours. It is reusable for years. Skip the period aisle at the supermarket for good

Less laundry, more play: The good times don’t need to stop just because you have your period. Period s*x can be pretty darn amazing but some people don’t like the mess. And those that don’t mind mess still probably don’t love the extra laundry period play produces. Because it sits high inside the vagina, you can leave it in. The base is so thin, neither you or your partner will know it’s there. 

We believe reusable period care should be accessible. Our double-loop tab enables more people to experience comfortable period care because it allows for easy-to-reach, single finger removal. 

Here Are The Top 10 Reasons Reviewers Love The Hello Disc:

  1. World-first design
  2. Leak-proof protection 
  3. Comfortable and easy to insert
  4. One size fits most design
  5. Can be worn with an IUD 
  6. Can be worn during s*x play - no mess!
  7. It holds 50 mls - that’s five times the amount of a tampon or pad!
  8. It will last for years
  9. Made from premium, FDA-registered medical-grade silicone
  10. Can be worn while swimming, playing sport, sleeping 

How Do I Insert The Hello Disc?

Inserting your Hello Disc is easy! Fold lengthwise - it will end up being no wider than a tampon! Insert with the tab end last to enter your body. Push the rim up and tuck it behind the pubic bone.