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Meet Sarah: Tell Us Your Period Story

10.05.2024 2 Minutes
Meet Sarah: Tell Us Your Period Story

Our new series My Period Story profiles the period stories of real people talking about how their cycle affects them, how they manage their period and any tips or tricks they have to share. 

When did you first get your period?

Oh my gosh, where to begin. It was on school camp and I was 14. I had brought two flimsy "emergency pads", furtively stuffed in my bag. None of my mates had got their period yet, I guess we were a bunch of late bloomers, and it had started to take on a mythical quality! We didn't talk about it freely. Suffice to say I was nervous about getting my period. After a plumbing malfunction the camp ground was left without running water and it was then that I got my first period. Shit! After I used my two pads I had to ask one of the teachers (only male teachers on this camp) for pads, and remember sitting uncomfortably on the shuttle that took us into town to use the public loos a few times a day. Why they didn't cancel the camp due to health and safety I have no idea! In summary it was super stressful!

How does your period affect you?

I'm now 44 and thinking about perimenopause. I'm a puberty educator so I talk about periods A LOT, haha. I use a disc and a cup now and feel like I was able to manage my periods way better after a couple of years. Switching from external pads to internal tampons was a game changer, as was the switch to cups and most recently the Hello Disc. Periods no longer stop me doing anything I want to do. I've been very lucky with mild PMS, too.

What tips do you want to share around managing your period?

Don't be afraid to try a bunch of different products to find what works best for you.

If you are a Hello Period user, what is your favourite Hello Period product and why?

The Hello Disc (in black). I find it doesn't leak, it's easy to insert once you get the hang of it. Allows for mess free play. It's the first product I've used where I can actually forget I've got my period!