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How to Insert Menstrual Disc and Remove It? Tips and Tricks

29.11.2022 4 Minutes
How to Insert Menstrual Disc and Remove It? Tips and Tricks

Learning how to insert a menstrual disc might seem a bit intimidating at first, but don't worry—it's easier than you think! With a little practice and some handy tips, you'll be a pro in no time. So, grab your favorite snack, get comfy, and let's dive into the fun and quirky world of menstrual discs. Your period will never be the same again!

How to Use Menstrual Disc: Step by Step Guid

Menstrual disc is a super fabulous period product that can be worn by most cervix heights and uterus tilts*! Hello Disc is easy to insert, position and remove. You can achieve mess-free periods and emptying is a breeze. You can also enjoy no-mess period sex too! Check out our tips for inserting and removing your Hello Disc.


Clean your Disc

Always start with a clean Hello Disc. You should clean and sterilise your Hello Disc at the end of your period, so it is good to go for your next cycle. Use our Hello Wash for an extra clean!


How to Insert a Menstrual Disc?

If you have used a menstrual cup before, you may be used to some fiddling about getting the fold right and then positioning the cup once inserted. Inserting a menstrual disc is quite different, and we often hear, "I squeezed it, pushed it in, pushed the front up, and thought, well that won't work!" To their surprise, it does work!  

So, how to put in a menstrual disc? Let's keep it simple. First, decide on which position you want to wear the tab.

Tucked - tuck the tab along the length of the Disc; this is where it sits naturally. Tucked is the best position for the tab if you have a low or average cervix or for sex/playtime.

Flipped - best done by pushing the bottom loop through the top loop, so that you are pushing the loop away from the Disc. Flipped is a great option for an average cervix or if you don't know your cervix height.

Dropped - The tab is dropped down, meaning that it is easy to reach for someone with reach or grip issues, or a user with a high cervix.

Trimmed - the second loop is cut off to shorten the tab. Please check your Disc before you do this to be sure it is the best option for you! This is an excellent choice for someone with a low cervix or if the tab is uncomfortable for you.


Here are our top tips for inserting menstrual disc:

  • Squeeze the disc sides together and tuck the tab in if the tab position is tucked or trimmed. (Hold it so that where the tab attaches to the Disc will be inserted last.)
  • You can use your other hand to squeeze the rim at the front if you want to make it narrower.
  • Insert your Disc. Don't worry that it will be opening (if you have used a cup before, it will feel like it isn't working, but it's fine, we promise!).  
  • Push the Disc in, angling towards your spine (lower angle if your cervix is lower ).
  • Once you can't push any further, let go and use your finger or thumb to push the front rim up nice and high. The higher you push the front, the more likely it is to be in the right position! Some people can feel a notch where their pubic bone is, but many can't feel anything at all.
  • That's it - done! (consider backing your Disc up with a resuable pad or period undies until you are confident that you have insertion mastered and can rely on your Hello Disc).


How to Remove a Menstrual Disc:

Removal is the part of the process which may take the most time to get used to. Be patient with yourself while you try different ideas and learn to master removing your period disc!


Here are our top tips for menstrual disc removal:

  • Try removal in the shower for the first couple of times (or every time if you like!). You can practise how you control the speed of removal in this way easily. 
  • Removal will differ for each of the tab positions, but the aim is to get your finger through the loop closest to the Disc if possible. 
  • Because the Disc is Silicone and the tab is stretchy, you will need to remove it slowly (and use a second finger to push gently on the disc rim as you remove it to control the speed of removal).
  • Aim to get your finger through the loop closest to the Disc for control. Gently pull towards the front of your body and allow the Disc to empty into the toilet.
  • You can line the toilet bowl with toilet paper to reduce splash.
  • If you take a small water bottle with you, you can remove, rinse, wipe and reinsert it without leaving the toilet. This is perfect if you are at work or out and about. Remember - many people can get 12 hours of use out of their Disc before emptying it.


Who is the Hello Disc suitable for?

Hello Disc is suitable for users with a high, average, or low cervix. If your cervix is super low, you may find a smaller disc more suitable for you.

Hello's menstrual disc is suitable for all uterus tilts, including Retroflexed. This is where the cervix faces the rear vaginal wall. As long as you can fit the rim between the cervix and vaginal wall, you will be able to use Hello Disc.

If you have a prolapse, please ask your medical provider for their opinion on the suitability of this. Prolapses vary in size and location and may or may not be a factor when using a Hello Disc.