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Everything You Need to Know About Hello Pads

20.09.2022 6 Minutes
Everything You Need to Know About Hello Pads
Say ‘hello’ to the best reusable + washable pads on the planet. 
Hello Pads are here to make period life easier, stress-free and more eco-friendly. How? They hold the same as 5 regular pads or tampons, they’re leak-proof, machine-washable and tumble-dryer friendly.
Read some of our FAQs below that include everything you need to know about these reusable beauties.

What is a Hello Pad?

A Hello Pad is a reusable and washable absorbent pad, that is great for periods, light bladder leakage and postpartum care. 

What makes Hello Pads so great?  

World-class design. Each Hello Pad is designed using world-class leakproof technology. They are seam-sealed and stitched for superior leak-free performance without a PU plastic layer. 

Hello Pads are thin YET thirsty. Our Hello Pads are super thin - only 2mm yet super absorbent. They hold FIVE regular single-use tampons or pads. Each Hello Pad is 32cm long.

Hello Pads are tumble-dryable. Unlike most brands of reusable pads, Hello Pads can safely be tumble dried on a low heat which allows for a quick turnaround between wear. This is because there is no PU plastic layer to warp or be damaged by heat and become less waterproof. 

No bunching or wings. There is no need for wings on a Hello Pad. It has a gorgeous silicone design on the underside to ensure it doesn’t move around. A snug pair of underwear that is not super shiny or smooth will also help your Hello Pad stay in place.

No annoying ‘crackly’ sound. No polyurethane plastic also ensures there will be no ‘crackly’ sound when you move around.

What do I use a Hello Pad for?

Hello Pads are perfect for people wanting a convenient, reliable and environmentally friendly way of managing their periods, light bladder leakage or even for postpartum care. 

The patented absorbent technology in Hello Pads was originally designed for incontinence, which flows faster and is less viscous than period blood. So, we have you covered for pregnancy or postpartum leaks. Go ahead and sneeze, cough, piss yourself laughing or lift something heavy.

Can I wear my Hello Pad to bed?

Yes - Hello Pads are suitable for sleep. Use it either alone, or as a backup to your menstrual cup or your menstrual disc. Make sure your underwear fits firmly so the pad stays in place, or use the strap connected to your Hello Pad. 

What about postpartum?

Post-birth we recommend waiting a few days to use Hello Pads because you will likely have clots and lochia. You want to make sure you’ve got the green light from your lead maternity carer. 

How often do I need to change my Hello Pad?

If you’re using your Hello Pad as a backup to a menstrual cup or disc, or for light bladder leakage, many customers tell us they can comfortably wear the same Hello Pad for 24 hours.

On heavier days - or if using a Hello Pad as your main product - you may wish to change it twice a day. 

If your menstrual flow is heavy or you have moderate bladder leakage, you may want to change more regularly.

Your own comfort is the best guide. If your pad continues to feel damp or heavy, it may be a sign you need to change it. 

How do I know how many Hello Pads I need?

Six Hello Pads should see you through an average menstrual cycle with one load of washing in the middle. If you have a heavy flow you might need to change them more often, so you’ll need more.

If you’re using them to manage light bladder leakage, we suggest the same amount (six) as a starting point. 

Why are Hello Pads a more sustainable choice than single-use pads or tampons?

Our washable Hello Pads are an environmentally sustainable solution. Because they’re reusable and washable, switching to them will prevent plastic-lined single-use pads, tampons and liners from piling up in landfill where they can take up to 500 years to biodegrade.

How long do Hello Pads last?

You should get years of amazingness from each Hello Pad - saving you heaps of moolah and giving you some serious kudos with Mother Nature. Please follow our care and washing instructions to help them last for years.

How do I wash my reusable pads?

How do I wash my reusable pads

When you first get your Hello Pad or Pads, wash and dry them before the first wear. This will kick-start the absorbency layer.

After use, Hello Pads can be hand or machine-washed just like your other laundry. Give them a quick cold rinse until the water runs clear. Then toss them in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry on a delicate cycle below 40°C/105°F. Use your ordinary washing powder or liquid. 

Avoid bleach, fabric conditioner, antibacterial sprays or dry cleaning. 

How do I dry my Hello Pads?

Unlike many other brands of reusable pads, Hello Pads can be tumble-dried. Our patented leak-proof material has no layer of PU plastic so you can safely pop your Hello Pads in the tumble dryer on a low heat. The PU layer in other brands could warp and distort from the heat which affects the waterproof nature of the pad. Keep the heat cool for Hello Pads and you’ll be sorted.

You can also hang them on the washing line – just keep them away from direct sunlight.

Hello Pads can also be dried in an airing closet, indoor drying rack or heated towel rail. 

How long do Hello Pads take to dry?

Because they’re designed specifically to absorb and hold liquid, Hello Pads will take longer to dry – about the same amount of time as a pair of thick sports socks. That’s why it’s so handy that ours can be thrown in the dryer on low heat so you can wear them again sooner.

If not using a tumble-dryer, Hello Pads will dry faster if you keep the top layer facing outwards. This is because the outer layer is designed to retain liquid.


How do I keep them fresh and avoid any smells?

The absorbent technology used in Hello Pad has been tested and verified odour-resistant. No one will be able to smell your menstrual blood or urine while you are wearing them. If you notice a stale smell developing after they have been washed a few times (especially if they’ve been left in the washing machine too long or not completely dried), we recommend submerging them in a solution of three parts water to one part white vinegar. Soak for about 30 minutes and then wash in the machine or by hand as normal. 

Tell me about the safety accreditations. I want to avoid dodgy chemicals!

Hello Pads are made from hypoallergenic materials to ensure they're kind to your skin.   

Our Hello Pads have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 accreditation and do not contain harmful chemicals. The gusset material has been independently lab tested and found to be free of potentially harmful substances such as PFOS or PFOA, AZO dyes, organic compounds, DMFu and CMR. Our manufacturer has a very strong focus on making their textiles safe for consumers and kind to the environment. With these goals in mind, they’ve sought to avoid significant chemical processes during manufacturing, which is why they dye their yarns before textile knitting, rather than once the textiles have been created. This approach uses less processing, resulting in lower PH levels that ensure consumers are not adversely impacted when wearing the textiles over their sensitive body parts. 

What are Hello Pads made from and where are they made?

Outer layer - 78% polyamide, 22% elastine.

Inner, absorbent layer - 97% polyester, 3% elastic.

Hello Pads are made in an ethically-run factory in China, managed directly by our manufacturer to ensure our ethical and quality standards are met.

Now you know all the important bits - check out Hello Pads here.