Articles / School is in! Managing your period at school - Our guide.

School is in! Managing your period at school - Our guide.

29.01.2021 2 Minutes
School is in! Managing your period at school - Our guide.

Using a menstrual cup at school
- All you need to know from Hello Boss girl, Robyn.

Getting your period at school can be stressful. For me, the memories of praying I wasn’t leaking onto the back of my skirt during lessons and the feeling of embarrassment that someone might hear me unwrapping my tampon in the cubicle and know I had my period, still stay with me years later. It makes me feel sad for my younger self. Sad for two reasons - periods are nothing to feel embarrassed about, and sad because I wasn’t aware there were other options available that would have helped me manage my flow better. 

When I first tried a menstrual cup I was totally blown away with how instantly life-changing it was. I immediately thought how different my school ‘periods’ would have been if I’d had this fannytastic wee thing in my life then. 

We often talk at schools about Hello Cups and we tend to get asked four main questions:

1. How do you empty and clean them if there is no tap in the cubicle?

    Easy! You don’t need a tap necessarily. Just remove your cup as normal by squeezing the base to release the suction. Pull it down and tip the contents in the loo. Wipe it out with loo paper and reinsert. If you do want to rinse it, just take a water bottle in with you.

    2. Can you play sports and swim with a menstrual cup in?

      Yes, absolutely. Hello Cups are perfect for swimming and sport.

      3. How often do you need to change a menstrual cup?

      While this will depend on your flow, Hello Cups hold three times more than tampons and you can leave then in for 12 hours which means if your flow isn’t heavy, you will be able to leave your cup in for a whole school day and only empty when you get home. 

      4. I haven’t had sex yet, can I use a menstrual cup?

      Absolutely. Our smallest cup (XS) was designed specifically for teens. Like tampons, menstrual cups can take a bit of practice so take it slow and don’t rush yourself. Practice inserting in the shower or use a small amount of water-based lube. While you are getting the hang of it, you might want to use a panty liner as a back up. Our organic cotton Hello Liners are a perfect zero-waste liner and they are bloody cute! They’re machine washable too.

      Some of the other amazing benefits are that one menstrual cup will last you your WHOLE secondary schooling. Each Hello Cup lasts 5 years so that’s a long time to not have to worry about buying other sanitary supplies - not to mention how much money it saves.

      Enjoy your school days.

      Robyn xxx