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Hello Disc Duo Bundle

Hello Disc Duo Bundle

Two is better than one. Double menstrual disc life means you'll always have a back up.

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You've never met a more famous menstrual disc duo!

Whether you're feeling serene in Hello Disc™ Sea Fog or rocking your inner goth-chic with Hello Disc™ Black, you couldn't ask for a better or more reliable period twosome.   

Alongside your duo of award-winning Hello Discs you'll also receive a Hello Wash (to ensure good, clean fun is had by all) and two of our cute Hello Organic Cotton Storage Bags (because good storage is always a win).

The best part? The fabulous 10% you'll save on these products by bundling up!  Ready, Set, Shop...

Deciding between our menstrual cup or menstrual disc? Check out our guide, here.

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Hello Disc Duo Bu...

How to use your Hello Disc

In all cases, fold your Hello Disc™ longways. The tab end should be the last part of the disc to enter your body. Once you feel you can insert the disc no further, use your finger to push the rim up to tuck the disc behind the pubic bone. Don’t be afraid to push up higher, this is what positions the disc correctly and holds it in place

  • 1.Getting started

    Sterilize your Hello Disc™ before you first use it. To do this place the disc in a pot of boiling water for 3 minutes.

    Pro tip: Because no one likes a charred Hello Disc™ try putting your disc inside a whisk to make sure it doesn't touch the bottom of the pot.

  • 2.Change and Storage

    We do not recommend leaving your disc in for more than 12 hours.*

    If possible, rinse your Hello Disc™ with cold water after each removal to help prevent stains setting in.

    Clean with gentle soap and rinse. If you're not near a tap, it's fine to simply wipe out your disc with toilet paper and reinsert until you can rinse it.

    At the end of your cycle sterilize your Hello Disct™ so it's ready next time you need it. Store it in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

    *8 hours for our friends in Australia, due to local regulations.

  • 3.Inserting your hello disc

    Your Hello Disc™ Is designed to be worn several ways.

    In all cases, fold your Hello Disc™ longways.

    The tab end should be the last part of the disc to enter your body. Direct the top of the disc in, angling it toward your tailbone. Gently push the tab end up until your disc is tucked behind your pubic bone.

    Unsure of your cervix height?

    Check out our measurement guide here

  • 4.Inserting your hello Disc™ - Tips

    Be sure to keep the double-loop tab centered while inserting

    Adding a drop of water-based lubricant to the rim can make insertion more comfortable

  • Medical grade silicone
  • Tabs for easy removable
  • IUD friendly
  • Holds 50ml
  • One size fits most
Hello Disc FAQS

What is the Hello Disc™ menstrual disc made from?

Each Hello Disc™ is FDA-registered and made from 100% premium medical grade silicone.

Who designed Hello Disc™?

The Hello Disc™ menstrual disc is the result of a dream-team collaboration. Hello Cup™ founders Robyn McLean and Mary Bond, a registered nurse, teamed up with renowned menstrual cup and disc guru, Kim Rosas of Period Nirvana to design the Hello Disc™. Kim has tried virtually every menstrual disc on the market and felt there was a need for a disc that was easier to remove. And so Hello Disc™ was born!

What size is the Hello Disc™?

The Hello Disc™ menstrual disc is a handy ‘one size fits most’. The 68mm rim of the Hello Disc™ is designed to fit most users. It offers more capacity than regular tampons, sanitary pads, or menstrual cups (the Hello Disc™ holds up to 50ml).

Why one size?

The vaginal fornix (where the Hello Disc™ sits) is frequently the same size from one person to another which is why our menstrual disc is a handy ‘one size fits most’.

Also, because the Hello Disc™ sits higher (than a menstrual cup) and tucks behind the pubic bone, it’s much easier to have a ‘one size’ option with menstrual discs. 

Can I wear the Hello Disc™ during sex?

Yes, you can enjoy no-mess period sex with your Hello Disc™ in place! As your Hello Disc™ menstrual disc sits high and behind the pubic bone, it doesn’t get in the way of penetration. You shouldn’t be able to feel a thing with your Hello Disc™ in during play. No more laying down towels or period sex laundry!



**The Hello Disc™ is NOT intended to be used as contraception and will not prevent pregnancy. If you wear your Hello Disc™ during sexual intercourse and condoms are your sole method of birth control, remove your Hello Disc™ - the disc has not been tested against condom use and friction may create a micro-tear in the condom.**

What is the difference between a Hello Cup™ and the Hello Disc™?

Like menstrual cups, menstrual discs collect your period blood. Unlike menstrual cups, menstrual discs are held in place by being tucked behind the pubic bone rather than by suction - meaning they are a great option if you have an IUD.

Check out our comparison video, here.

Capacity - The Hello Disc™ will hold up to 50 ml (our L cups hold 29.5 ml). That’s equal to around 5 regular tampons or pads.

Material - Hello Cups are made from medical-grade TPE, Hello Disc™s are made from medical-grade silicone.

Position - Menstrual cups sit lower in the vaginal canal. The Hello Disc™ tucks behind the pubic bone.

Suction - Hello Cups suction when in position. The Hello Disc™ does not use suction - instead, it sits in place. (This makes the Hello Disc™ a great choice if you have an IUD!)

Sizes/Cervix heights - Hello Cups come in 3 cervix heights and 3 different sizes. The Hello Disc™ is great for all cervix heights (just adjust the tab as you need to) and comes in a handy ‘one size fits most’.

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