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We’ve changed our name! Meet Hello Period™

02.06.2022 2 Minutes
We’ve changed our name! Meet Hello Period™


You may have noticed… we’ve changed our name!

When we first started our business, we never really thought much about what we wanted our company to be when it  ‘grew up’. 

A bit like teenagers, we lived life in the ‘now’; we were the little menstrual cup company that could - living our best life changing the period game for thousands of people with periods. 

Back then, we never considered we might offer more products in the future and that maybe our name - The Hello Cup - might not convey what our company might look like when it became an adult. 

If you’ve heard Mary and I talk about the early days of The Hello Cup, you’d know we never set out to start a business as such, we created Hello Cups because we believed they were better than the tampons we’d spent our whole lives using. They were easier, held more and were more comfortable. Anyone who has experienced the sensation of a tampon expanding lengthwise will know what I’m talking about when I say they can be pretty lacking in the comfort department. 

As thousands of people started making the switch to Hello Cup life, we started to realize that we didn’t want to stop with just period cups. 

Menstrual cups aren’t for everyone and we wanted to be able to offer something for everyone with a period. 

Five years later, we’re no longer a ‘one trick pony’. Our range includes liners (Hello Liners), our new menstrual disc (Hello Disc), menstrual cup wash (Hello Wash), sanitizing spray (Hello Go) and our *spoiler alert* soon-to-be-release period underwear. 

In short, The Hello Cup just didn’t seem to reflect what we are today - a sustainable period care company. 

So - drum roll - from now on you will find us referring to ourselves by our grown up name: Hello Period. Our logo has actually always reflected this name - “Hello.” but now we’ve made it Insta official - @helloperiodco.

We’ve come a long way - and we will continue to innovate and create products that are sustainable, high quality, comfortable and innovative to help period life be easier to manage.