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Hello x Jonny Condoms: Can you get pregnant on your period?

03.11.2022 3 Minutes
Hello x Jonny Condoms: Can you get pregnant on your period?

Lots of people find that they have a heightened libido when they are on their period. Having sex or enjoying self-pleasure during your period is totally normal, and actually has a lot of benefits! It can help you relax, helps reduce cramps, and some studies show it can make your periods shorter. Some people even experience stronger orgasms during their period. Sounds good to us!

While sex on your period is amazing (and we definitely encourage it!), there is the common belief that you can’t get pregnant while you are on your period. We're here to bust this myth and more…

So - can you get pregnant on your period?

Yes! Despite what many people think, you can get pregnant on your period. Bleeding does not mean you are protected from falling pregnant and should not be counted on for birth control. While it’s great to be in tune with your cycle, there is always the chance that you could still fall pregnant.

For the average person who menstruates, a menstrual cycle will last about 28 days. Your period, or menstrual phase, starts on day 1 and lasts approximately 5-7 days (this can differ between people). Ovulation usually happens around day 14 and is when you are most fertile, therefore most likely to fall pregnant.

So - can you get pregnant on your period

The chance of falling pregnant on your period is lower compared to other times of your menstruation cycle, as your period has typically ended before ovulation happens. However, the menstrual cycle isn’t always exactly 28 days, and some people have longer or shorter menstrual cycles. Someone with a shorter menstrual cycle might ovulate around day 7, which could be when they are still bleeding.

Lots of factors can impact your cycle length including age, diet, stress levels and contraception. This means it can be tricky to rely on your cycle to know when exactly you are ovulating.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sperm can live inside a vagina for up to 72 hours. This means that even if you’re not ovulating when you have penetrative sex, you could still fall pregnant up to 72 hours later if you don’t wear protection. 

Protection is key!

No matter what stage of your cycle you’re at, protection is important if you are wanting to prevent pregnancy. Jonny Condoms offer small packs of three condoms for on-the-go, and larger packs to keep at home in your bedside drawer, so you’ll never be rummaging around to find a condom!

Condoms will also help protect you from STIs if you are having sex with multiple people, or someone new. Safe sex is good sex!

Pleasure on your period - yay or nay?

Just because you can fall pregnant on your period, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little fun during that time of the month too. Sex and pleasure can definitely be on the cards if you’re feeling up to it. 

Hello Disc™ is a reusable menstrual disc that makes periods a whole lot easier to manage - and can also be worn for no-mess period sex and play*. Reusable for up to five years, Hello Disc is better for the environment, saving hundreds of single use tampons and pads from ending up in landfill.

Need a little extra lubrication? Hello Lube is the perfect accessory to add some glide to your play. Water-based, cruelty free, made in New Zealand, and safe to use with condoms, Hello Lube is here to help you get glidin’.

*Note: If you are using condoms as your sole method of birth control, please exercise caution. The Hello Disc™ has not been tested against condom use and friction may create a micro-tear in the condom.*