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6 simple ways to have a more eco-friendly 2023 🌎

30.01.2023 2 Minutes
6 simple ways to have a more eco-friendly 2023 🌎

Simple life changes can have big impacts. We’re not ever going to tell you to do a massive overhaul of your life as you know it, but it’s super easy to make a few basic changes that will have a positive impact on the environment and also your wallet. 

So without further ado, here are our top six tips to make your footprint in 2023 a wee bit lighter.  

  1. Make this the year of mindful shopping. If you’re anything like me, your house and wardrobe are full of impulse-buy regrets. Buy one, buy well.
  2. Make those sustainable swaps that you have been thinking about but never actually got around to putting in practice. Make your own cleaning products (hint: white vinegar and a few drops of essential oils will clean pretty much anything). Solid beauty products have come a long way - bar shampoo and good old-fashioned bar soaps reduce plastic waste and are just as good as their cousins in plastic bottles. 
  3. Hit the pavement! Trying to use your car less will not only save you money but walking and biking more helps fitness which in turn helps you to manage and reduce your stress levels. 
  4. Buy local produce. Not only is it fresher but that courgette hasn’t clocked up any air mileage on its journey to your plate. 
  5. Use technology to reduce waste. Rather than print that 500-page contract - use an online tool to sign documents or switch to paperless statements from household suppliers. Think how many trees we’d save worldwide if more people adopted these easy-win practices. 
  6. Choose sustainable period care! Our Hello Cup™ menstrual cup; Hello Disc™ menstrual Disc, Hello Pads and Hello Undies are all reusable for years - and replace *thousands* of single-use, plastic-ridden period products ending up in landfills where they take hundreds of years to break down. It's a no-brainer! View our full range here.