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5 Reasons Choosing Period Underwear Is A Better Choice Than Disposable Pads

22.07.2022 2 Minutes
5 Reasons Choosing Period Underwear Is A Better Choice Than Disposable Pads


Using pads to manage periods can be stressful. Not only do they have a fondness for bunching (hello, side leakage), but they can also stink and can make a crackling sound when you move. Embarrassing. 

Period underwear is a fantastic alternative to single-use pads. Our Hello Undies are total game-changers in this space thanks to the advanced, patented fabric technology we use which makes them ‘best in class’. 

5 Reasons To Try Period Underwear 

  1. They Don’t Bunch 

 While the invention of sanitary pads with wings attempted to solve this major issue, having your pad wrap around your underwear is also really uncomfortable. 

2.  They Hold More Than Single-Use Period Products 

As technology advances, good quality period underwear will hold far more than their single-use counterparts. Hello Undies will hold three times more than your average disposable pad. That means you’ll spend less time in bathroom cubicles changing pads and more time doing things you actually want to be doing! 

3.  They’re Nicer On Your Skin 

A lot of countries still don’t have mandatory labelling requirements for single-use period products. Harmful chemicals and bleaches are just some of the nasties that you really don’t want sitting up next to your vagina (or even inside your vagina if you’re using tampons). 

4.  Better for the Environment

It’s no spoiler alert to say our planet is under the pump. Humans have a terrible track record of using things once and discarding them. Single use period products are a huge problem. It’s estimated 45 billion period products end up in landfills around the world each year. Then, when you add up the additional packaging that comes with each disposal product, we’ve got some serious, and unnecessary waste generation going on. High quality sustainable period underwear will cost more initially, but each pair is reusable for years. You will help reduce waste by ditching single use products while also saving money.  

5.  Not Just for Periods 

Quality period underwear, like Hello Undies, can also be used for light bladder leakage and postpartum care too. So next time you are heading to a comedy show - pop on your period underwear first and know that you can literally piss yourself laughing without embarrassment. 

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