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Reasons to Choose A Menstrual Cup for Travel

23.12.2021 4 Minutes
Reasons to Choose A Menstrual  Cup for Travel

7 Reasons to Choose A Menstrual  Cup for Travel:
Traveling With Your Period Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

You’ve planned your perfect vacation and booked your flights and hotels. You glance again at the dates and realize you’ll have  your period during your travels! It’s simply impossible for you to plan everything around your menstrual cycle, but traveling with a menstrual cup means you’re always perfectly prepared.

Frequent travelers know the  convenience, comfort, and money-saving magic of choosing a menstrual cup for any globetrotting adventure. The compact size, the always-with-you convenience, and extra-long wearability are just a few examples of why cups take the cake for managing menstruation. 

Why Traveling With A Menstrual Cup Is The Best...

  1. Compact and Convenient  

Lightweight and small enough for carry-on luggage or your weekend bag, traveling with your menstrual cup means period protection is always within reach. No need to rely on tour guides to tell you where you can purchase sanitary products, and no panic purchasing while you’re in expensive destinations. 

Though most folks probably wouldn’t notice, a box of tampons in your carry-on suitcase is a blaring signal for what you’ve got going on. A menstrual cup is small enough to fit in your toiletry bag and discrete enough for those who prefer a little more privacy. 

  1. Protection For Any Activity 

Whether you’re waiting out a long layover at their airport or suiting up for a tropical scuba adventure, a menstrual cup has got you covered for whatever you’re doing while traveling. 

Pads can get uncomfortable in the heat and can’t be worn for water activities. Tampons have to be changed often and can absorb bacteria along with blood. Since a cup collects blood by forming a sea with your vagina, water and bacteria can’t get in the same way blood can’t get out! 

If you need full-day protection on land or at sea, traveling with a menstrual cup is the best method for any activity.  

  1. Protection for Any Flow

Menstrual cups can handle everything from heavy periods to breakthrough spotting with just one product. Say goodbye to carrying heavy tampons, light tampons, and panty liners to manage  irregular periods. The magic of a menstrual cup does it all!

  1. Extended Wearability

We mentioned how traditional menstrual products like pads and tampons can absorb and trap bacteria both good and bad, and therefore have to be changed frequently. Not the case with a cup! 

Collecting blood using a menstrual cup instead of absorbing means minimal risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), so much so that cups are safe to wear for up to 12 hours straight! That means no interruptions to your adventure or carrying a bunch of backup products.

  1. Reusable and Sustainable 

Disposables like pads, tampons, and panty liners all end up in the trash, and unfortunately, that trash has to end up somewhere, too. Imagine how many pads or tampons you might throw away during your lifetime!

Most menstrual cups can be used over and over, and using  a cup creates zero trash and less demand for disposable consumer products. Hello cups are made of durable, easy-to-clean  TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and have a lifetime several years! TPE is a 100% hypoallergenic, hospital-grade material that’s also completely recyclable at the end of its life. Hello Cup even has a  recycling program! Send your old (sterilised) cup to them to be recycled and receive a code for 50% off your next cup!

  1. Saves You Serious Green 

The cost of monthly period products can really add up! Investing in a menstrual cup for travel means no worries about the potentially heightened cost of menstrual products in popular vacation places!

Think about how much you’d spend on pads or tampons every month, or even in your lifetime. It’s estimated that each  monthly period costs around $813 to manage with traditional products. That’s nearly $545 over 5 years! A menstrual cup like the Hello Cup costs $33 USD and lasts up to 10 years. We say switch to a cup and save that extra coin for your next vacation!

  1. Trash-Free and Lightweight for Outdoor Travel  

Menstrual cups are PERFECT for backpackers and those who love outdoor activities like camping and hiking. Every ounce counts when you’re carrying all your wares on your back, and having to carry out the trash created by pads or tampons just means more to carry! 

With a menstrual cup for outdoor travel, you won’t worry about enough supplies versus too much weight, and you’ll never find yourself dealing with a bunch of extra trash in the wilderness. 

Travel Tips for Menstrual Cup Users...

Store Your Cup Carefully

Most menstrual cups come with a carrying pouch or case. Store your cup in a clean place like this when you’re not using it to prevent it from collecting dust, dirt, or bacteria.

Pack Your Backup & A Way To Clean

It’s a good idea to bring a backup cup if you know you’ll have your period, especially for extended travel.  Hello Go Sanitising Spray is also great way to  clean your cup  if you’re not near (or comfortable going to) a sink.

Remember Essential Accessories 

If you’re expecting your period while traveling and you tend to experience things like menstrual cramps or headaches, pack the things that help make you feel better, like a small heating pad or your go-to pain relief. You’ll be glad you did!

Always Wash Your Hands

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it can be easy to forget just how many germs we come in contact with while traveling! Always wash your hands before  removing or handling your menstrual cup.      

Clean Your Cup with Safe Water

If you’re traveling abroad or in the backcountry where you won’t have access to drinking water for cleaning your cup, pack an extra bottle for the trip for when you need to rinse your cup.