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Hello x Smile Makers: The art of the orgasm

24.10.2022 4 Minutes
Hello x Smile Makers: The art of the orgasm

Hello x Smile Makers: The art of the orgasm 

Helllooo good times. This month - along with our favourite pleasure experts at Smile Makers - we’re bringing you tips, hacks and plain hard facts covering all things sex, pleasure and periods.

We’ve already dived into Mastering Masturbation, and now it’s time to look at the Art of the Orgasm. Ever wondered what actually happens when you experience the Big O? Join us as we dive into the world of orgasms and pleasure…

What is an orgasm?

Let’s get science-y! 

What even is an orgasm? Well, it turns out no one can really agree on it. According to Healthline, there isn’t one singular agreed definition for an orgasm. However, an orgasm is “sometimes defined as the fourth stage of a sexual encounter, with stages of anticipation, excitement, and plateau proceeding it” (Healthline). Essentially, it’s the grand finale of your sexual pleasure. 

Why do we orgasm, and what happens when we experience one? According to Planned Parenthood, we orgasm when we reach the height of sexual arousal. This can be through partnered play or solo exploration. The recipe for achieving orgasm can vary a lot, depending on what type of stimulation you enjoy. 

During an orgasm, penis owners will typically ejaculate, while vulva owners experience ‘contractions’ in the vaginal wall. Vulvas can also ejaculate during orgasm, however, this isn’t as common (but still totally normal!). 

How your body reacts during an orgasm can look different from person to person too. It might involve your body releasing tension, your muscles contracting, breathing intensifying, and feeling more relaxed afterwards. You also might experience a hell of a lot of pleasure! This can leave your genitals feeling more sensitive after. 

There are also several different types of orgasms that you can experience. Say what?! Yup, the body is pretty amazing. The types of orgasms include clitoral, vaginal, anal, blended, erogenous and convulsing. As the names suggest, you can stimulate different areas of the body to experience different sensations. Sign us up!

Can everyone orgasm?

Orgasm doesn’t always have to be the end goal during sex and play. In fact, some people may never experience an orgasm or might struggle to reach that definitive ‘release’. A lot of people can make themselves orgasm but might struggle with someone else helping them reach orgasm as well. 

Some people find that lubricant can help them orgasm, by adding extra glide and sensation. Our Hello Lube is not only for helping you insert your Cup or Disc - it’s great for play! The perfect versatile product to have on your bedside table.

If you are having trouble reaching orgasm, it’s important to not place too much pressure on yourself or your partner. Remember that you can still enjoy sex without reaching orgasm!

If you’re worried, you can chat with your doctor and explain what’s going on. Don’t worry, they’ve seen and heard it all.

Can you experience stronger orgasms during your period?

The short answer is, yes! Many people experience stronger orgasms during their period. In general, the intensity of your orgasms can change depending on many factors. Sometimes, they can be mind-blowing, and other times, a little less intense.

During your cycle, you experience a lot of hormonal changes. Many people who bleed find that they experience heightened sexual pleasure (and stronger orgasms) during ovulation. However, lots of people also experience higher libido and stronger orgasms when they are bleeding too. Increased blood flow and hormone changes can make things extra fun. So if period pleasure has previously been off the cards for you, maybe it’s time to embrace your flow!

Tips for orgasms

While we wish we could give you the answer to reaching orgasm, it really does come down to personal preference and what gets you going. This can take a little bit of trial and error to find what works for you. Hey, at least it’s fun homework, right?!

Check out our blog all about Mastering Masturbation to get started.

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