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First Timer's Guide: Using Hello Undies or Hello Pads

08.11.2022 3 Minutes
First Timer's Guide: Using Hello Undies or Hello Pads

Thinking of buying Hello Pads or Hello Undies and wondering about the “admin”?  It’s all pretty straight forward!  We have some key points for you to ensure success!

*Please note:  If you haven’t bought your undies yet, we recommend measuring yourself to be sure of the best fit. Relying on what you think “your size” is might mean you buy the wrong size for you.  Size down if you are in between sizes so that you get a lovely snug fit.

If you buy multiple pairs, only try one pair to check size - we can exchange if the box is unopened!


Wash first

Wash first. Because, hygiene, and also a wash activates the multi layered absorbent material.

Hello Pads and Hello Undies love a cool wash (40°C or 105°F or below). You can hand wash too if you prefer.  Use your usual washing powder or liquid.  Please don’t dry clean or use fabric softener/conditioner, antibacterial sprays or bleach.  These will affect the fabric absorbency and possibly degrade the fabric.

Turn your undies inside out to wash so the gusset gets well rinsed.

You can hang your pads or undies (inside out) to dry.  Thanks to the layers of highly effective absorbent material they will take longer than regular undies to dry - similar to a really thick pair of sports socks.  You can also pop them in the drier on a low heat (they don’t have a layer of polyurethane plastic to shrink)- a real bonus if you want them available to use again quickly! 


Wear the right undies

For Hello Pads - choose firm fitting underwear which is cotton or not super smooth.  The silicone pattern will hold the pad firmly in place, as long as it has something to hold onto!


When can you wear your Hello Undies?

You can wear your Hello Undies or Pads for any of your usual daily activities (including sleeping) because they are verrryyy thirsty and can hold up to 25 ml/5 tampons or pads worth of blood.  Unfortunately they are not suitable for swimming.

Now that you have clean Pads and Undies which fit well and will give you great protection, you can go forth and slay your day with confidence!


How long can you wear them?

On a light day you could wear a pad or undies for up to 24 hours, you’ll be guided by your flow and comfort though so a change might be needed, plan for your own flow so that you have a change with you if needed.

Use Hello Pads and Hello Undies for bladder leakage as well!  The fabric wicks moisture very quickly, leaving you feeling dry.


Tips for looking after them

Hello Pads and Hello Undies have odour resistant technology which keeps you fresh all day while you wear them.  If you notice a stale smell after a couple of washes (this is usually from sitting in the washing machine wet, slow drying or not completely dry before wearing) you can soak them in a solution of 3 parts water to one part white vinegar for about 30 min before washing and drying as usual.

Once they are ready for a wash, there are a few options.  You can rinse them quickly and add into a cool wash of other clothing,  rinse in the shower (when it is cool) or rinse until the water is clear and wring them before setting aside to add to a load later on.  If you change your pad or undies while you are out and about, fold them carefully and pop in a waterproof bag so that you can rinse them later on.


Tips for looking after them
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