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Let’s Dive In: Swimming On Your Period

27.11.2023 3 Minutes
Two period cups on sun loungers beside the sea. It illustrates a blog about swimming while on your menstrual cycle.
Let's dive into the world of swimming with your period. Now, I know it can seem like a tidal wave of inconvenience, but fear not, my aquatic squad, because I've got some tips that'll have you doing bombs into the pool without a care in the world.

First things first, let's address the unspoken rules of swimming while riding the crimson wave. It's not as complicated as it may seem, and you certainly don't need to anchor yourself to the poolside until your period takes a hike.

  1. Embrace the Swim-Friendly Products: Period Cups and Discs Are Your New BFFs

Gone are the days when tampons were your only ticket to water-themed escapades during your period. Enter the superheroes of menstruation: period cups and menstrual discs. 

Period cups, like the trusty Hello Cup are flexible cups made of medical-grade TPE that you insert into your vagina to collect the flow. Period discs, on the other hand, like the Hello Disc, are also inserted but sit differently, directly below the cervix to catch your menstrual flow in a mess-free manner.

The beauty of these contraptions is that they're a game-changer for aquatic enthusiasts. Unlike tampons, which can get a bit soggy and unwieldy in water, cups and discs stay put, ensuring you can channel your inner mermaid without a worry. No strings attached—literally.

  1. The Perks of Cups and Discs: Environmental Warriors and Budget-Friendly Allies

Now, you might be wondering why bother making the switch from tampons to cups or discs. Well, apart from the aquatic advantage, these little wonders are environmental warriors. You use them, clean them, and use them again. No more contributing to the landfill with heaps of single-use tampons and pads. In fact, one Hello Cup or Hello Disc is the equivalent to over 2000 tampons. Mother Earth gives you a virtual high-five for that. 

On top of being eco-friendly, cups and discs are budget-friendly in the long run. Sure, the initial investment might seem steeper than a box of tampons, but consider it an investment in your synchronised swimming future. They can last for years, saving you from the monthly tampon and pad expenses that add up faster than you can say "sea breeze."

  1. Lap It Up, Baby - Exercise Away Those Cramps 

Studies have shown that exercising during your monthly period can help reduce cramping. While you might feel like curling up under your duvet - hitting the swim lanes and doing a few laps can be a great pain reliever and also deliver you some of those awesome exercise endorphins. 

  1. Don’t Believe The Myths

If you have your period and are swimming in the sea - you will not be a shark magnet. Shark attacks are VERY rare and even if you were to swim without protection, water pressure actually prevents most blood from exiting anyway. However, all that said - whenever you swim in the sea it’s best to swim with a buddy and where a lifeguard can see you. 

  1. Be a Poolside Pro: Prep For Aunt Flo Join The Fun

If your period is due and you have a day at the beach planned, then be prepared. You don’t want Aunt Flo to crash your day when you are parked up in a prime spot. 

Make sure you pack your menstrual disc or cup. And because we don’t want you to get dehydrated or sunburnt - make sure you have lots of water and sunscreen on hand too. 

In Conclusion: Make Waves, Not Excuses

So there you have it, my fellow aquatic adventurers. Swimming with your period can be easy and stress-free if you are prepared. And thanks to reusable period care options like the Hello Cup and Hello Disc, it can also be more comfortable than ever. Soggy tampons are so 1990. 

Embrace the innovations that technology has brought to the world of menstruation, and let the pool become your sanctuary, red sea and all. After all, life's too short to miss out on the joy of doing pool bombs and perfecting your synchronised swimming routine just because Aunt Flo decided to drop by.

So, grab your bikini, channel your inner aquatic goddess, and make waves—because your period shouldn't hold you back from the splashing good time you deserve. Dive in, my friends, and swim like nobody's watching.