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How to Insert a Menstrual Cup or Disc | Diagrams Included

08.04.2022 3 Minutes
How to Insert a Menstrual Cup or Disc | Diagrams Included

How to Insert your Menstrual Cup vs Your Menstrual Disc

There’s nothing more frustrating than a friend who’s boasting about nailing their menstrual disc or menstrual cup first go, while you are struggling to work out how to even fold it let alone getting it into your vajayjay. But never fear friends, we’re here to help and get you on the right track.

Grandma said ‘practice makes perfect’ and she ain’t wrong. If things aren’t as smooth as you’d hoped, be patient with yourself - getting the hang of anything new can take time. 

Menstrual cup and menstrual discs have the same job – they collect your period blood (rather than absorb it like tampons do). They are comfortable, convenient, easy to use and reusable.

However, there are some differences. First up, they sit in different places which is a key thing to remember. Menstrual cups will sit in the vaginal canal. Menstrual discs sit higher at the top of the vagina in an area called the vaginal fornix. Think of it as the cul de sac part of a dead-end street. Take a look below.

If in correctly, you shouldn’t feel your menstrual cup or your menstrual disc.

Inserting a Hello Cup™

To insert a Hello Cup™, we recommend using a shallow punchdown foldThe bottom of the fold should end halfway up the cup - hence the term ‘shallow’.

A deep punchdown will end up closer to the base of the cup. The reason we’re not fans of a deep punchdown is simply because sometimes a deep fold can result in the cup staying folded when it is inside the body which can cause leaks. An open cup is always the aim of the game. The shallower the fold, the more easily your period cup will pop open.

Once you have folded your menstrual cup, insert the spout end / tip into your vagina angling in back towards your tailbone rather than ‘straight up’. Once you have inserted the first half, let the menstrual cup open by letting go of the sides. Use the toggle to move the cup higher and into a place that is comfortable.

How to position and insert a menstrual cup

Inserting a Hello Disc™

Before you use your Hello Disc™, you want to decide which of the four ways you are going to wear the patented looped tab.

  1. Tucked – The tabs tuck underneath the disc and out of the way. Best for a low or average cervix and for sex/play time.
  2. Flipped – The bottom loop is looped through the top loop from behind. Best for an average cervix or if you don’t know your cervix height. This is the most popular way to wear.
  3. Dropped – The length of the tab is ‘free’ and drops down. Best for a high cervix or those with reach/grip issues.
  4. Trimmed – The second loop is cut off. We don’t recommend cutting your entire tab off! Best for a low cervix or people who find the tab uncomfortable.

To insert your Hello Disc™ fold it in half lengthwise. If you are wearing it tucked, push the tab into the middle of the menstrual disc while folding. Insert the menstrual disc angled towards your tailbone (the tab is the last to enter your body). Keep pushing the disc up until it can’t be inserted any further. Push the front edge of the disc up until it feels “locked” behind your pubic bone.

A common mistake when someone who has previously worn a menstrual cup switches to a menstrual disc is that they don’t insert it high enough. Sometimes it helps to visualise where it will sit. You want it to be curved around your cervix. If you can feel your menstrual disc, it’s probably not high enough. There’s a lesson in that for all of us: aim high, friends!

How to insert and position a menstrual disc

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