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Australia Australia

Better than the rest

I tried the hello disc after other brands and it is by far the most comfortable and easiest to use! Feels like I'm not wearing anything!

United States United States

Really wanted to love it

I loved the idea and color and feel. I have the Nixit and Lumma disc in large. Both were easy to insert and remove. I ended up using the Lumma more and more because of the firmness and how easy it was to insert and remove with the string. Then I heard about Hello disc and I was excited to use it. It was way firmer than Lumma despite it having the same firmness number in periodnirvana's comparison chart. It was extremely difficult to hold it closed and insert. It kept popping open because it wasn't long enough to get the tip inserted so I can't push it the rest of the way easily. It was even harder with lube because it slips out of my fingers due to how firm it was. And then there is how it felt inside. Wayyy too firm and it was uncomfortable most of the time. I felt cramps, something I don't feel with the other discs. The thing that made it even worse was the tab. It has edges and roughness and did not sit well inside of me without rubbing and rubbing and causing irritation that would just get worse. And I tried it all 3 ways. The tucked in was worse because the disc shifted around and the tab disappeared. I would try to force myself to use it and try to get it to work because it seems it works for everyone else. But it's not worth the hassle of trying to get it in and then the irritation from the tab. Maybe I got a lemon? I do not recommend for these reasons.


Hello Period

We're so sorry to hear that your Hello Disc doesn't feel great for you. Unfortunately a "one size fits most" disc and design features which include the loop tabs mean that there are situations where it doesn't feel great for someone. It sounds like the firmness and tab are irritating you when most others can't feel a thing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Love from team Hello Period xx

Australia Australia

Cerebral Palsy & navigating the disc

I have Cerebral Palsy and the disc has been so easy to use. For the first time in over 20 years of dealing with periods, I didn't have to worry about leakages and blood stains. For context, I couldn’t manage the hello cups at all. Sometimes I could use a different cup brand but it was difficult to get the fold right and then the cup in. It was challenging for my co-ordination and I could only use the cup at home when the CP pain wasn't too bad (AKA like 2-3 times a year). Having to empty the cup all the time was really hard and I found the entire experience disabling, gave up and went back to disposable pads/tampons. I had previously tried another brand's period "leak proof" maternity undies but they leaked EVERYWHERE. I have a very heavy period and the disc has coped better than anything I have ever used. So for overnight I usually use a maternity overnight pad (extra long, with wings). I have a hospital adjustable bed and sleep in a zero gravity position. Even with the maximum strength pad, it's completely soaked by morning and there are always leaks no matter what position I sleep in. Not so with the disc, it was able to cope with the overnight flood without leaks from 9:30pm to 8am without having to empty it. I was able to sleep in my zero gravity position all night without having to deal with stained sheets and clothes the next day which was great. The main thing that made my life easier with the disc (aside from the capacity!) was the "self empty function". I struggle to even remove tampons without putting blood everywhere as I'm just not flexible enough or balanced to get them out while sitting on the toilet. With the disc, it emptied itself once I was on the toilet without me having to do anything. That made my day so much easier. For removal every 8-12 hours I stood in the shower and with the help of my 3 grab rails (because everyone needs position options!) I was able to easily find the tab and pull. I know that I won't have the flexibility or ability to move my hands to so that it's possible to remove the disc on the toilet but the shower twice a day was easy. So often I read these reviews and wonder if anyone with a disability has tried the product. I can confirm that the disc slid in pretty easily since it's the width of a tampon and I didn't have to try and hold it any weird, painful positions.


Hello Period

This is so brilliant! We're so thrilled to know that Hello Disc is helping to make your periods so much easier to manage. Thanks so much for your review, we really hope it can help inspire others to have a try as well! Love from team Hello Period xx

A Hello Period Customer
Switzerland Switzerland

Just great

I have been looking for an alternative to tampons for quite a while. Cups have not worked for me, as they always leaked. The Hello Disc is great, ok a bit messy to change on your heavy days, but it was the first time I used it so I think I will get more experienced in a while. I didn't feel the disc at all although I have a low cercix (always felt the cups...) and it didn't leak at all!!! I went horeseback riding and swimming - no worries at all. And not having to change it for 10-12 hours is such a great advantage! I've already recommended it to my close friends. Love it! Go for it and give it a try :-)


Hello Period

Amazing! When you remove the disc, try getting your finger through the loop closest to the disc, and then using your longest finger sort of push back on the disc as you pull down and forwards (aiming to pull up the front of your body so that the contents fall behind your hand into the loo). This pull/push allows you to control the speed the disc comes out at! Love from team Hello Period xx

Switzerland Switzerland

I should have known it earlier

It‘s just perfect - no leaks, no unconfortable vacuum. Feeling safe in any situation. I‘m still practising to empty without mess, but it‘s getting better. And if ever it‘s only this… I should have known it earlier, I finally feel really good during my period. One question.. will there be a black disc one day?


Hello Period

Amazing! And yes - a darker colour is coming.... Love from team Hello Period x