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What Should I Choose - Hello Disc™ or Hello Cup™?

06.04.2022 2 Minutes
What Should I Choose - Hello Disc™ or Hello Cup™?

Confession time - I’m one of those annoyingly indecisive people so ask me a question and chances are I’ll say ‘you decide’. 

Now we have the Hello Disc some of you are asking whether you should choose a Hello Cup™ or a Hello Disc™. Honestly, they are both great but the question totally triggers my indecisiveness so I thought it would be helpful to give you a quick run-down about the key features and differences - and then you can decide!

Placement / Use with an IUD

The Hello Disc™ sits high in the vagina canal, under the cervix and behind the pubic bone. Unlike a menstrual cup, a Hello Disc™ doesn’t use suction - so it’s a good choice if you have an IUD. If I’m honest, there’s a bit more intimacy involved in getting your Hello Disc™ into position - so if you’re less comfortable with that then maybe a Hello Cup™ is a good starting point. 


Hello Cups sit in your vagina - about where a tampon sits. To insert them you use a shallow punchdown fold (watch our ‘how to’ video here). To insert a Hello Disc™ you fold it in half lengthways and insert with the base of the tab going in last. Slide it up and tuck the bottom edge behind your pubic bone (watch our handy ‘how to’ video here).

Period Sex

You need to take Hello Cups out before you have sex because they sit lower than a disc. With the Hello Disc™, because it sits higher and behind the pubic bone, you can wear it during penetrative sex – and avoid the stained sheets!

When I tell people you can leave your Hello Disc™ in during sex the first question I get asked is: ’but won’t I be able to feel it?’. Nope, as a team of over-sharers we can say from experience your Hello Disc™ will not diminish the good times at all


Hello Cups come in three sizes XS, S/M and L. While they feel firm, they’re made from medical grade TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) which softens inside the body and will mould to your shape.

The Hello Disc™ comes in one size. This is because it’s easier to have a ‘one size fits most’ disc due to the fact it sits higher and isn’t reliant on suction. The bonus of having a ‘one-size’ product is that it takes the guesswork out of deciding what size will be best for you - which totally appeals to my indecisiveness! 

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Hope those comparisons were helpful, if you have any questions - our support team are amazing. Contact us anytime. 

Robyn xxx