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Travelling with Aunty Flo

06.09.2019 2 Minutes
Travelling with Aunty Flo

The Hello Cup Guide to Period Travel

First up – buy a Hello Cup. We could probably end this blog right there because that’s simply the best period travel tip ever.  But let’s elaborate on why.

Back in my BC (before cup) days, I backpacked around the globe and experienced what can only be described as terrifying bathroom encounters. Add dealing with a period to those terrifying bathrooms and well, I probably should have headed straight to see a shrink after returning home as, years later, flashbacks still happen. I remain especially haunted by a Full Moon Party experience in Thailand that involved me trying to remove a tampon as I straddled a festering hole in the ground and simultaneously holding my breath to avoid an insult of the senses of the very worst kind while also praying for a toilet paper Goddess to suddenly appear (they didn’t).  IF ONLY I HAD KNOWN ABOUT MENSTRUAL CUPS. If you have a period and are planning to travel, please learn from my mistake – make sure a menstrual cup is the first thing you pack. 

So why do Hello Cups make the perfect travel buddy?

  1. You only need one – more room in your bag.
  2. They hold around three times more than tampons – so more time to explore the world, less time spent in bathroom situations like the above.
  3. If you’re in the wilderness – it’s easy to change your menstrual cup – just empty the contents and pop it back in – no waste to carry out with you.
  4. If you’re flying long haul and your period is due – put your cup in before you leave so if you get your period mid-flight you’re already sorted and can keep calm and carry on watching your in-flight movie. 
  5. In some countries, especially in Asia, it’s very hard to find tampons to buy (which we think is a good thing – but only if you have a cup already!)
  6. You can swim with your Hello Cup in  – not only do they keep the blood in but, importantly, they also keep water out so no more soggy tampons filled with seawater/chlorinated pool water. 
  7. Doing a spot of horse-riding? Cups are fantastic for horse treks and you won’t suffer from tammy string chafe and bunched-up pad syndrome.
  8. One cup will last five years – which is a pretty long holiday.
  9. You can leave your Hello Cup in for up to 12 hours 
  10. Finally, if you find yourself in Mexico with a bottle of tequila, your cup can double as a shot glass (just sterilise it first).

Keep a water bottle handy to rinse your cup with if the water where you are isn’t drinking standard. Our Hello GO is a handy travel-sized hand and cup sanitising spray and is also great when travelling. It forms a barrier which will keep your hands and cup germ free for up to 24 hours – even with subsequent washing.