Articles / Three Reasons Why The Pandemic Is The Bloody Right Time To Try Out A Menstrual Cup

Three Reasons Why The Pandemic Is The Bloody Right Time To Try Out A Menstrual Cup

28.07.2020 3 Minutes
Three Reasons Why The Pandemic Is The Bloody Right Time To Try Out A Menstrual Cup

Mastering new things takes practice. Sometimes there’s an adjustment (period*) before any kind of comfort level is established. Menstrual cups are no different. But, we promise, in no time you will be wearing your cup like a boss. 

While the pandemic has been a big shit sandwich for us all, it has presented a unique opportunity for those who have been sitting on the fence about trying out a menstrual cup. In fact, the stay-at-home (period*), we reckon, has been the perfect time to try a healthier period alternative for yourself and the environment.

We might be biased, but we can think of gazillion reasons why Hello Cup far outweighs other sanitary products. So, we rounded up some of the most compelling reasons just in case you needed some extra motivation.

You Will Save Lots Of Money

Did you know that on average a woman will use between eleven to sixteen thousand tampons during their life, which some estimate equates to several thousand dollars over the life of your menstrual cycle? That’s a lot of money to spend on cotton to put inside your hoo-ha, right?

Alternatively, you could buy one Hello Cup that will last you at least five years and holds roughly three times more than a tampon. On average, a Hello Cup will save more than 2,160 single-use sanitary items through the years. All of which is to say that switching to a menstrual cup will save you some serious moolah. Just think about what you could buy with all of the money you saved!

Your Vagina And The Environment Will Thank You For Choosing A Healthier Alternative

We feel pretty strongly that when it comes to putting something up in your v-jay-jay that it should be safe, trustworthy, and reliable. We can thank our grandmothers for giving us this wise advice that still rings true today!

Tampons are full of nasty ingredients that currently don’t even need to be disclosed on their packaging—at least not yet. They have been found to contain dioxinpesticides, fragrances, and micro-plastics, all of which accumulate in our bodies over time and lead to a variety of health risks including hormone disruption and increased mercury levels, as well as an increased risk of cancer according to some studies.

Think about that and ask yourself if you want that kind of poison pill inside your lady bits?

Tampons are also awful for Mother Nature. It’s estimated that roughly 45 billion single-use sanitary products end up in landfills around the globe each year. Traditional tampons (aka the non-green ones) take anywhere from 500-800 years to disintegrate due to added plastics.

Again, do you want this inside of you and contributing to environmental degradation?

Freedom (period*) 

If you suffer from heavy periods you know the drill where you constantly have to be prepared for leaks (or worse…stay close to a bathroom for a day or two). With a cup, you can kiss the old days where leaky tampons ruin your athletic prowess goodbye. Hello Cups will withstand whatever your day brings whether that’s swimming, a dance party in your living room, running a marathon, or ruling the world from bed. Our cups have you covered. 

Even working at the office can be a cause for embarrassment (if you’ve made it back ☺) — especially when you have to slink off to the bathroom while discreetly hiding a tampon up your sleeve. Nope, you won’t have to worry about that anymore since our cups have you taken care of for up to at least 8 hours (not recommended for more than 12).

No one will ever know Aunt Flow is in town again. Using a menstrual cup not only frees up you worrying about leaks—but odours too. Since fluid isn’t being exposed to oxygen (like it does with a pad or tampon) you will feel a whole lot fresher.

We could go on and on about the endless benefits of using Hello Cup. But give one a try for yourself and join the Hello Gang!