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Recently joined Team Hello? Everything you need to know 😍

20.07.2021 2 Minutes
Recently joined Team Hello? Everything you need to know 😍

For anyone who recently joined our gang, here's your Hello Cup 101.

Remember, like most things in life, you might need to practice a bit until you’ve got the hang of it. But we promise once you ace the basics, you won't look back.

First up watch our super cute video (we reckon it deserves an Oscar). Then for more in-depth menstrual cup 101 - check out our step by step guide below.

Inserting your Hello Cup

It's really important to use the 'Shallow Punchdown Fold' with Hello Cups. This is different to a 'C' fold used with some other cups.

The key thing to remember is that the 'punch' doesn't go below the Hello lettering on the side of your cup. Why? Our cups are made from medical-grade TPE and have an internal rim. We decided on this design for top quality and comfort.

Once you've nailed the fold insert your cup. Once it pops open, give it a gentle tug to help it form a seal. You can use the toggle (or rounded base if using a Low Cervix Hello Cup) to wiggle in place. Then you’re good to go. If it’s in correctly and is the right size, you shouldn’t get any leakage. 

Knowing when to change your Hello Cup

We recommend removing your cup every 8 hours. As a guide, on heavier days you might want to remove it every three or four hours. 

Removing your Hello Cup

It’s important to break the suction before you start to remove your menstrual cup. Reach up and squeeze the bottom of your cup until you feel the suction release. You can also run your finger up the side and push the rim inwards.

Gently pull your menstrual cup down. Some find removing their cup on a slight angle is more comfortable.

Once it’s out, tip the contents down the loo, rinse (or wipe if there’s no tap handy) and reinsert. Easy!

For extra cleanliness, you can spray with our Hello Go Sterilising Spray before reinserting.

At the end of your cycle

Wash and sterilise your menstrual cup at the end of your period. 

We recommend giving it a boil for three minutes in rapidly boiling water. Check out or whisk hack, here.

Or you can sterilise your Hello Cup by using a 1/4 of a sterilisation tablet in a glass of water. 

Make sure your cup is fully dry before you store it away for next time.

We're here to help!

If you have any questions, we’re here to help! Drop us a line on 💪🏽.

Sharing the Hello Love 📣

Knowledge is power and everyone who talks about Hello Cups helps us on our mission of ridding the world of single-use period products. We bloody love seeing your pics so don't forget to tag us on Insta and we'll do our darnedest for a cheeky re-share!


WELCOME to the Hello gang, and thank you for choosing the cutest and most comfortable menstrual cup there is.

Love, team Hello xx