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Menstrual Cups 101

26.07.2019 3 Minutes
Menstrual Cups 101

The 6 Most Common Questions we get asked at Hello Cup HQ

No question is a dumb question – that’s our rule when it comes to menstrual cups. We get it – you’ve been whipping tammies in and out without a second thought for years but now suddenly people are talking about how amazing menstrual cups are (they’re right by the way). You’re intrigued. But first you have a few burning questions – you’re not alone. Here are the questions we get asked most often.

How do you use a Hello Cup?

It’s pretty easy. You fold it – we recommend using a shallow punchdown fold (see video here) – then you insert it like a tampon, The best thing about cups is they don’t dry you out as soon as they come in contact with your vjayjay so they slide in pretty easily. If you want some extra lubrication, just wet your cup under the tap. Once your cup is inside it opens up and collects blood. You can’t feel it and you can leave it in for up to 12 hours (depending on your flow). Generally, they will hold three times more than a tampon.

Is it messy when you remove a menstrual cup?

Despite the Texas Chainsaw Massacre scene many imagine, removing your cup isn’t going to result in a team of forensics knocking on your door. Removal can take practice, but the aim of the game is to pull your cup out (after you have broken the seal by squeezing the base) upright so the blood stays in the cup. Then you simply tip the contents down loo.

How do I clean my menstrual cup if I’m in a public loo?

If there’s no tap to rinse your cup under, it’s fine to just wipe your cup out with loo paper and reinsert. Our Hello Go spray is perfect for situations where there’s no tap but you want to make sure your cup is remains germ free. It can be used to sanitize both your hands and your cup.

How do I know what size Hello Cup is best for me?

We are the first to admit that sizing can be tricky. Our sizing guide is based on what works best for users are certain age, body type and fitness levels. As an FYI, unlike many other menstrual cup size guides we don’t believe having had children automatically means you need a large size. Visit our sizing guide for Hello Cups.

Do I need to remove my Hello Cup cup when I wee (or poo)?

No – unlike tampons which have a cotton string that can crash the wee party and end up stinky and wet, the toggle on your cup will repel wees (a bit like when Women Woman fights the bad dudes). As for ‘number twos’ – no need to remove your cup from them either.

Can you sleep with a menstrual cup in?

Abso-friggin-lutely! You can sleep, swim, exercise and bust out your best Madonna ‘vogue’ routine in your Hello Cup. Hello Cup = Hello period freedom.