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Let’s talk to boys about menstruation!

15.09.2021 2 Minutes
Let’s talk to boys about menstruation!

Let’s talk to boys about menstruation!

Not everyone will experience having a period - but half the world’s population will so if you don’t get a period, without doubt you will know people who do. 

It’s vital that periods are normalised and as part of this we need more education about them - especially for boys at school. It’s crazy how many head into adulthood not knowing the basic mechanics of what a period is, how it works and why it’s normal. 

Without decent education (for both those who get periods and those who don’t) we risk future generations growing up and perpetuating the shame and stigma that still runs awol.

Unfortunately schools can be the perfect breeding ground for ‘playground’ misinformation. If the topic of periods comes up, chances are it will be in the context that they are yucky, messy, smelly. 

When schools seperate period education out by gender it’s only contributing to the ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality and gives the impression that periods aren’t something boys and transgender girls need to worry about.

This is why ALL students - boys, trans, non binary students as well as girls - need reliable information when it comes to periods. They need to know what a period is, what happens to the body and why it happens. This is vital if we are ever going to get to a place in society where people with periods are understood and not stigmatised.

We need schools around the world to address this issue, and while we’re not ignoring the importance of education at home, making in-depth menstrual education (not just a glossed over ‘an unfertilised egg leads to a period’ rundown) part of every school curriculum will help hugely to de-stigmatise periods and help students develop a healthy understanding and attitude toward them. If we continue segregating students based on gender, we continue to perpetuate stereotypes, even if it’s unintentional.

Join us - we want the next generations to know that periods are normal. They affect everyone, regardless if whether they have them or not. Let’s talk and learn about them more!

 Robyn xx