05.08.2022 2 Minutes

 Oops we did it again… We’ve launched a new game-changing product!! 😍😍

Say ‘hello’ to the best reusable pads on the planet. 

Hello Pads are here to make period life easier, stress-free and more eco friendly. How? They hold the same as 5 regular pads or tampons, they’re leak-proof, machine-washable and tumble-dryer friendly! But wait there’s more - they’re not just for periods - if you are prone to *piss* yourself laughing (or coughing), Hello Pads are here for that too!

Trust us when we say - Hello Pads are AMAZING!

Here are some more amazing things you need to know about our Hello Pads:

  • No Bunching + Annoying Wings.

The delicate silicone pattern on the underside ensures they stay put and don’t bunch so you can say goodbye to pads with annoying wings. There is a thin strap which can be used as additional support for holding your Hello Pad in place.  If you don’t like or don’t need the strap, you can chop it off!

  • Hello Pads can be tumble-dried.

Unlike most other brands, Hello Pads don’t have a polyurethane plastic layer which means they can be tumble dried! It also means there’s no ‘crackly’ sound when you move around. 

  • They’re thin but thirsty.

Hello Pads are super absorbent. They absorb the equivalent of FIVE regular tampons or regular single-use pads. 

  • Hello Pads are not just for periods!

Hello Pads are a great option for bladder leakage and postpartum as well as periods.  

  • World-Class Technology.

Our patented fabric technology means moisture is whisked away super quick meaning you feel dry and comfortable.

  • Waaay better for the planet.

Each Hello Pad can be used again and again and will save you around 1000 single-use pads which not only saves you some serious money but it also gives you some pretty big brownie points from Mother Nature.

  • Hello Pads are made of trustworthy stuff

Hello Pads have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 accreditation and do not contain harmful chemicals. The gusset material has been independently lab tested and found to be free of potentially harmful substances such as PFOS or PFOA, AZO dyes, organic compounds, DMFu and CMR.

So, what’re you waiting for? Shop Hello Pads here

Love, team Hello xx