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How Do I Find the Right Size Menstrual Cup for me?

02.08.2019 3 Minutes
How Do I Find the Right Size Menstrual Cup for me?

It’s one of the first questions we get asked - ‘what size menstrual cup is best for me?’ Like on the outside, we’re all different on the inside too and no vagina is created equal - which kinda means there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to what size might fit you best.

Finding your perfect sizing is a bit like trying to guess what size shoe you are without being about to measure your feet - you have an idea of what size might work - but you don’t really know for sure until you try it.

We’ve based our Hello Cup size guide on average customer experience and feedback. One of the key things we’ve found is that having given birth doesn’t ‘automatically’ make you a large - something many other menstrual cup companies claim is the case. The human body is an amazingly resilient thing, and thankfully pushing out something the size of a watermelon, doesn’t necessarily mean your foo foo will be cavernous from here on in.

We think fitness, age and body type are the best ways to gauge what size menstrual cup you should start with. We don’t recommend choosing a menstrual cup based on your flow alone. For example, a teenager with a heavy flow is still better off to start with an XS because if they opt for a large, there’s a high chance there won’t be enough room for it to unfold and if your cup can’t unfold, it will likely leak.

Another interesting thing we’ve found is that fit users often need a smaller cup because their muscles are firmer (inside and out). So a super fit mumma who is in her 40s might still be best to start with a S/M.

At Hello HQ, some of us (okay, possibly just the anonymous writer of this blog), aren’t as fit or young as we’d like, so our muscles are a bit more relaxed (much like our attitude to the gym membership that hasn’t been used in 8 months). We’ve found that these two combos mean the Hello Cup large (or ‘lovely’) is the best size for a scenario like this.

How Do I Find the Right Size Menstrual Cup for me?

So, in summary, we're all different. Take menstrual cup size guides as just that, guides.

Here’s the Hello Cup size guide that we have adopted:

The Hello Cup comes in three sizes – XS (extra small), S/M (small/medium) and L (large or ‘lovely’).

Our XS cup is is our smallest, softest cup. It’s a great choice for teenagers, petite users or those who prefer a ‘mini’ tampon.

Our S/M is our ‘one size fits most’ menstrual cup. We recommend it for users under 35 – regardless of whether they have had children or not. It’s worth noting that we find physically fit people are often best suited to the S/M regardless of age.

Our L (‘lovely’) is best for those over 35 who feel it’s a bit more roomy up there (possibly, but not necessarily, thanks to pushing out a small human or two).

If you are sitting on the fence about what size you think might work for you best, we recommend our double boxes - many users find they can actually wear two sizes and alternate depending on where they are in their cycle.

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