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3 Things To Look For From Sustainable Period Care Brands.

29.05.2024 3 Minutes
3 Things To Look For From Sustainable Period Care Brands.

The Top Three Things To Look For From Sustainable Period Care Brands.

If you (or if you know someone) who is on the fence about switching to reusable period care, then read on.  

It feels like everyone you know is raving about how amazing their menstrual cup, menstrual disc or period undies are, right? And yes, switching to reusable, sustainable period care is definitely a gangster move BUT not all brands are created equal so here are the top three things you should be aware of before you buy. 

So before you jump on the bandwagon here are the top three things we think you should look into from the brand you are looking to buy from - because, like most things in life, not all sustainable period care brands are created equal. 

  1.  Is the company legit? If you are like us, you probably get a tonne of ads from sustainable period ‘brands’ you’ve never heard of on your feed. In most cases, their products are cheaper than established brands. But there’s a reason for that. Good reusable period care is made from quality materials and is designed to last you for years not a few months. Cheaper products tend to be flimsy and not stand the test of time. Beware of brands that are new to the market that are selling knock-offs they’ve most likely purchased from a website such as AliExpress and rebranded. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again - don’t put anything dodgy into your vagina! 
  2. Absorbency claims. If you are looking for period underwear, beware of brands that claim they have a huge absorbency but their absorbent gusset goes from the top of the waistband at the front to the top of the waistband at the back. Why? They are basing their ‘absorbency’ on parts of the underwear where the blood will never reach. To put it politely, it’s misleading marketing.  Unfortunately it’s also increasingly common. If you have a heavy flow look for brands that use patented technology and whose underwear is proven to hold what it says it will in the gusset. Menstrual cups and discs will hold more than tampons and pads - normally at least three times more.  They are a great choice but, again, quality matters. Cheaply made cups or discs tend to be flimsy and often can’t withstand the strength of the vaginal muscles which can result in leaking. 
  3. Credentials. An easy way to work out if a brand is legit is to look at what credentials they have. Have they won any awards; do they have certifications such as B Corporation or are they Climate Neutral or Positive - these are indicators the brand is more established and has good business practices. Yes, it’s always worth looking at reviews too but unfortunately, many brands have fake reviews on their sites, so it’s not always a true measure of credibility.

Brands like Hello Period put quality first. Hello Period, was established in 2017 with a mission to make quality, reusable period care that was reliable, comfortable and cute. Since then we have won a slew of awards (in fact, we’re pretty sure Hello Period is the most-awarded sustainable period care brand on the planet) including being named Cosmopolitan’s Best Menstrual Cup in 2022. Our products are designed by us and made from the highest quality materials. And yes, Hello Period are proudly B Corporation certified, Climate Positive, Vegan accredited and we pay our staff more than the recommended Living Wage.