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Priscilla N.
New Zealand New Zealand

The cup is too long for a low cervix

I have a low cervix. This cup is too long for someone with a very low cervix. It is very uncomfortable. I was disappointed I wanted to support a NZ company. Will the disc be a better option?


Hello Period

Unfortunately a super low cervix is a tricky one, and we'd not really recommend Hello Disc if you found Hello Cup low cervix to be too long for you. Love from team Hello Period xx

Australia Australia

Very easy to use and comfortable

I have used quite a few different cups and my sister who also has a low cervix recommended this one. It is one of the easiest to use low cervix cups I have tried.


Disappointed with this cup :(

Purchased this cup in medium in a hurry as had to replace another nz brands cup as my last cup had come to the end of its lifetime. My first annoyance with this cup is that I now need to buy steriliser tablets which I was not informed of until after I purchased the product. The previous cups I have used were sterilised by being boiled so did not have to purchase anything on top of the cup. Another issue I have is there is no measurements in the cup so I can no longer track the amounts I am bleeding. Lastly and the biggest issue I have is I find the period cup very hard to use - the fold and getting it out. This be because of me having long nails and the firmness to the cup. Unhappy with my purchase although I accept fault as I should have researched this product before buying. ((This was the only cup I was able to find in my local supermarkets so I did not have a choice between different brands which is not hello cups fault but the main reason I didn’t research the product first.))


Hello Period

We're really sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your Hello Cup! The sterilizing can be done by either boiling or sterilizing tablet (both are mentioned in the instructions which come with the cups). If you wish to boil, go for it! Thank you for you feedback regarding the measurement markings, this is something which we will consider when we have opportunity to review design of Hello Cups! The firmness is often a striking change for a user of a silicone cup previously. Fortunately the fold can be mastered over time, and the TPE has a wonderful ability to mold to the wearer and this makes them super comfortable when you use it. Thank you for your review. Love from team Hello Period xx

New Zealand New Zealand

Didn’t fit

Unfortunately I have brought 2 different cups and they both didn’t fit, don’t think cups are for me, really wanted them to be coz I exercise a lot, the first one was too big and hurt and wouldn’t pop and the second one, high cervix small just wouldn’t pop, I tried for so long but wouldn’t pop open and would keep sucking in another way when I tried to twist or push in a little at the bottom to help it pop


Hello Period

There may be an issue with your pelvic floor being really strong due to the fact that you are really fit. Hello Disc might be better for you as it sits up higher out of the way, so those muscles shouldn't be able to flatten your disc! Love from team Hello Period xx

New Zealand New Zealand

Awesome product

Soo much better than using tampons and pads


Hello Period

We agree! Love from team Hello Period xx