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Australia Australia

Leak free

I’ve used various period cups for years but have always had leaks. First period with the Disc has been leak free, even on heavy days! Emptying the disc is a bit messier than cups (maybe it takes some practice), but overall very glad to have found a period product that I can use all day without worrying.


Hello Period

Off to a great start! Try pulling the tab through the loop closest to the disc, and then use your longest finger to sort of push back on the disc rim to help you control the speed you pull the disc out. Also pull the tab up the front of your body to help the contents fall into the loo away from your hand. Love from teal Hello Period xx

Australia Australia


I love the disc for it's sleekness, it's ease of use, and the fact that it can "auto-empty" so you don't have to reinsert during the heaviest of days. I have been using a menstrual cup for the last few years, but found to have regular leaks and always wore period undies as a back up. I have not had to do this with the disc, and sleep care free now! (I'm keeping the "s3x-friendly" part to myself for now! Might tell the husband in the future. hahaha) It's been an absolute game-changer for me, and I'm so grateful to have found a reusable product that works for me. No leaks, no fuss, and simple to use. I can imagine it could be confronting for teens/new users to work out cervix height and insertion etc, but after having 2 babies and 25+ years of periods, I have found the disc to be the most compatible product for me.


Hello Period

We're so happy to hear that you love your Hello Disc! Love from team Hello Period xx

Georgiana J.
New Zealand New Zealand

Moved to the disc after the cup - amazing

Wouldn’t go back, so much more easier to use, insert and works first time. Lasts all day.


Hello Period

Brilliant! Love from team Hello Period xx

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Amazing, life changing little thing

I tried so hard to use cups and could never get them to work for me due to very high cervix and short fingers. I tried 3 different ones before I realised I would just be throwing my money away. I really wanted them to work as I have endometriosis. For a long time I assumed discs would be even worse. It was only when it clicked that with discs, it’s more about being able to reach your pubic bone, that I even thought to give it a shot. I knew I would still struggle without a ‘string’, which is why I went for this one. It was so easy to use, even first time, in comparison to cups that I was convinced I had done it wrong. It was also so easy to get out (no more trying to birth a damn cup ). And no leaks, even with flooding! It’s unheard of for me. I actually wear light colour clothes now on all but my heaviest day (and I prob could then too, just an abundance of caution). It doesn’t make my cramps particularly any worse like cups and tampons do either. When I don’t have cramps, I often forget I am on my period for long stretches of the day. I would have killed for this as a teenager. One small niggle is that I wish it came in colours that don’t show the staining as much. But that is a very small issue. When I first started using it, I kept the tab dropped as I was still terrified of not being able to reach it after the cup experiences. But I have found now that the flipped position is best for me and I can actually still reach it without too much trouble. I recommend to insert/remove in the shower to begin with. I can often manage just over the loo and with the sink now, but on the heaviest day it’s still less messy in the shower. It def takes practise, but it’s very worth it. If you have endometriosis, it already dominates a lot of your life, so having something like this feels like getting a little bit more of your life back. It does auto-dump for me when I go to the loo, but only for number 2 and if the disc is quite full. This did worry me to begin with - was it going to do it if I sneezed or moved a certain way!? But so far, I’m pleased to say it only happens on the loo, and usually only as I mentioned before (though I haven’t yet tried any intense or bendy exercise with it in…). Basically, run, don’t walk, to get this thing. If they ever make a slightly bigger size, I might try that as still a little uncomfortable with the auto-dumping. Overall, it’s just awesome though. Can’t say enough good things about it.


Hello Period

We're so pleased to hear how Hello Disc has helped your periods! Great news about self emptying - its a combination of muscles which work together and release the disc rim and these muscles don't need to be used when you're not in the loo which means you shouldn't experience it at all! Love from team Hello Period xx

United States United States

Vacation Sensation

I have never used a period cup/disc, and when I booked a trip to the Caribbean to stay on a sailboat with friends for 7 days, I knew my body would betray me, and I needed to figure something out. So, I did a little research and bought the Hello Disc a few months ago. It did take me a few tries to get used to, but after my first cycle of using it, I became a pro. It is SO MUCH more sanitary than pads or tampons, and I found I have way fewer leaks than when I am using pads or tampons (which at this point, I am no longer using). As for the trip, it worked like a dream! Zero leaks, zero worries about having to put soiled products in the trash on a boat, and zero worries about swimming in the ocean with it in. I have been 100% converted to the Hello Disc, and I recommend it to all of my friends! My only regret is I didn't start using this sooner!


Hello Period

We love to hear that you had an amazing holiday with zero worries! Love from team Hello Period xx