...From Hello. Co-founder, Robyn

From the day we launched Hello we set out to develop sustainable period products WE would want to use.

We’re not interested in doing something that’s already out there. We were set to do periods better and constantly innovate. However, there was a little voice in our heads, questioning our sanity and whether maybe we were the only ones thinking it’s a good idea.In short-it’s terrifying developing a new product! Recently our small team has been under the pump like never before.

Why? Because the release of our Hello Disc™ menstrual disc has gone nuts. Like super nuts. We’re pretty darn proud of our latest Hello family member. It’s been a ride to get to this point (I’ll tell you the full story another time), but seeing the Hello Disc™ IRL finally makes me feel so proud. This menstrual disc is a design collaboration with our US-based friend and period expert Kim Rosas. We’ve designed it to be the most accessible menstrual disc in the world. The double-looped removal tab suits most body types and cervix heights-meaning people who couldn’t use many of the existing menstrual discs on the market now have something made with them in mind.

The Hello Disc™ wasn’t an easy product to design. But it seriously is a game-changer. The road to doing something different is hard there are late nights, tears, fears, anxiety not to mention a giant black hole swallowing money. BUT developinsomething that makes a difference to the lives of people with periods is what gets us out of bed each morning.

Thanks for your support and kindness as always,

Robyn xxx

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